Anthony Constantinou | Anthony Constantinou CEO CWM FX says Many people, who are fighting with hair loss problem, speculate that Hair Transplant procedure is the answer to their problems and many are even frightened of the word "surgery". Numerous people have seen others with transplant surgery that look phony and like a doll's fusing out for the world to see.
Typical transplant questions like “it will be extremely painful", "It will look fake on me", "they are not my own hair", “implanted hair will not grow ", "it will be expensive procedure". These are some of the questions asked by many people have when they want to take Hair Transplant Surgery.
So, the question arise that Are these fears true or false?
Now, let us discuss some factors regarding these questions of Hair transplant treatment:
1. Is it a Painful process?
Pain, is the serious term to consider when going for the Hair Transplant treatment, because every individual has different tolerance of pain than others but, if you choose the experienced surgeon for treatment, you will be having negligible pain in the process. The keyword here is to choose the right surgeon that is he will be expertise and experienced in his field.

2. Will it look Fake on me?
Again this question is extremely running in your mind, but answer is again the same to choose the skilled surgeon for the treatment. It will not look fake on you because it is a natural hair which gets implanted on the bald area of head, but treatment should be taken from experienced surgeon.

3. Is it my own hair?
The answer is yes because the transplanted hair is taken from the back or side of your scalp and then implanted on the bald area of the head .So, it is 100% natural hair implanted on your head.
4 Is it an Expensive process?
It depends on the condition of the people and where he is taking the treatment. The cost of hair transplant is also dependent on how much graft is transplanted on head. So it will be all depend on you to choose the best clinic for the procedure.

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