THE RACE 2 #seedtract

GET SET (the place of preparation.)
In a race when everyone is on the block, the next instruction is “GET SET”. To get set means to be ready, to prepare, to be vigilant because the race is about to start.
In life’s race, everyone needs to get set for the race. After discovering our life race block, the next line of action, is to get set for the race. There is a unique position for getting set. This very position gives the athlete the right view of the track ahead, the ability to have a good momentum to take off. With this ‘get set’ position, the athlete can concentrate on the race ahead, and speed up his or her movement without any interference from other runners.
So too in life’s race, you must be at alert, prepared, have an apt vision, and an unwavering concentrations of the track ahead of you. No matter how talented one is, if one is not prepared, it is evident that he/she will not start well and will not run well as well. In fact the overall performance of the race is affected by the preparation of the athlete.
God will never give you anything you are not prepared for. So get prepared for the future you desire. Get set for your that job you want, get set to run that successful business you envision, build yourself on that area you need for that promotion, improve on that skill, prepare for that professional examination your job needs, just put yourself in the position for maximum takeoff speed.
One thing that can never change is that no one will ever give you the opportunity to prepare on the spotlight. You can never prepare on the race track. Preparation gives you the opportunity to discover your weak points and correct them before the big race. Don’t be taken unawares, be deliberate to harness all the skills and abilities required for the life you are created for. Give it all your best and see God doing wonders for and with you.

The place of preparation can never be over emphasized. The place of incubation, secret improvement, skill sharpening, vision clarification, mission readiness and destiny empowerment will always be the secret of success that many will likely over look. In our fast paced world, people tend to jump into things they are not prepared for. Opportunities have been wasted just because of lack of preparation. No wonder one of my mentors said that ‘when preparations meets opportunity, success is inevitable’, so there is nothing like coincidence or luck rather, it is the meeting of preparation and an opportunity.

When a business startup meets a need, its growth is inevitable, when an idea meets a platform, its success is real, and when a prepared destiny meets an opportunity its success is undeniable. Bill gate, Alhaji Dangote, Warren Buffet, Richard Branson, Bishop Oyedepo, Mohammed Ali, and many world trail blazers all prepared for what they are now being celebrated for. They worked hard and smart on themselves. They trained their spiritual, mental and physical muscles to accommodate the challenges of their life’s race.

Get set, get prepared for the race in front of you.


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Kalu chijioke Harvard is a teacher of God’s word, a life coach, business development strategist and the author of extensive books and articles. He is passionate about the environment and human growth.

He is the publisher of seedtract