The RACE (1)

One the track, the athletes line up for the great race. The race official barks the instructions we all know
1. On your blocks
2. Get set
3. Go!
Life is truly a race, therefore, for you to run you must obey the instruction so the race referee. Your qualification on the track is defendant on your obedience of the instructions given.
When the race referee makes the first call for athletes to be on their block, he is calling them to take their place on the track. So too, in life, you must take your place in life for you to run. Your race block in life likened to your calling in life. Your block is your special gifts, your block is your dreams, passion and lives purpose. Your race block is the place of your life’s purpose.
You have a life race to run. You have many tracks in front to cover, there are medals and achievements to possess. You can never achieve them if you are not on your race block. If you venture into a block allocated to another person, there is every tendency that you will not be allowed to run the race or you will not run properly.
You cannot be in another man’s block because, you cannot run another man’s race. Your race is special and unique, your track is made solely for you. Many are disqualified in destiny because, they ran on another man’s track. They lose the uniqueness of their destiny because they are running in another person’s track.
In life today, many are running in a track that is not theirs. This is the foundation of every frustrations and bitterness. No matter how smooth and thrilling the race is, there is always a persistent feeling of dissatisfaction. Some other people are aware that they are not in their life track, others are in search of their life track, while some are totally ignorant of the race of life. On the planet of over seven billion people, finding one’s track can be difficult, with constant change and distractions from the ever evolving internet age, people are now more than ever before, confused of which life track is theirs.
Even though there are plenty life tracks which are appealing, there is only one that is meant for you. There is one thing in life only you can do. Do you know why, you have a unique life. Biological (D.N.A), soul (emotionally and intellectually) and spiritually you have a very unique life pattern and track and only you can harness it to the optimum level. For you to run and finish well in life, you must discover and remain steadfast in your destiny’s purpose.
One truth that is inevitable is that, it is never easy to locate your track. I am aware that it is never fun to be on your track (if you have found it). Nevertheless, you can find and remain faithful to it by doing one very important thing. This is by going to the owner of the race (GOD). HE is the race master, He knows exactly the race block allocated to you in destiny. He knows the precise purpose you are called for. If you get to Him, He will properly position you for the race.
A principle to use in locating your life track is the principle of the A.S.K principle as taught by JESUS CHRIST.
• A= ask Yourself questions
1. Who am I?
2. What am I meant to do
3. Where am I going
4. Why am I here
5. How will I fulfill destiny
These questions will help you develop an unusable insight of your life track.
• S= seek God for answers
1. Seek out God’s will for your life.
2. Get closer to God
3. Develop deeper relationship with him
• K= Keep knocking till it opens
1. Be persistent with your search
2. Be passionate about your life discoveries
3. Be determined to remain faithful to it.
With this principle locating your life’s ultimate purpose is guaranteed and I believe that you will soon be on your destiny block, I believe that God will open your eyes and mind to see your LIFE track and I believe that God will relocate you to the place of your purpose. Keep ASKing till you find.

Author's Bio: 

Kalu chijioke Harvard is a teacher of God’s word, a life coach, business development strategist and the author of extensive books and articles. He is passionate about the environment and human growth.

He is the publisher of seedtract