It is obvious that many folks love mobile apps. These types of applications are comfortable and simple to operate, simple to access ( one-click access ) and give essential notifications immediately. Today, untold numbers of folks use mobile apps, however, only a few of them know how it all started.

The truth is professionals have arguments in terms of deciding the exact date when mobile applications emerged. Scientifically, it was Blackberry smartphone that introduced mobile apps for the very first time. They offered an email client to Blackberry smartphone users . 14 years back. However, the majority of professionals accept that the history of those applications begun with iPhone app development in 2008.

Apple is among the most profitable tech organizations today. The main reason for this achievements is the fact they are a mobile app development company too. obviously, the apps available on the popular App Store are built by other companies also because Apple permits third-party developers to share their applications.

Therefore, after the launch of the very first iPhone, a device that came with some pre-installed applications, the officials from iPhone made the decision to announce the App Store in 2008. What is actually much more exciting is the fact that the history of Android app development started the same year, just a couple weeks later. This was the instance when The Google announced the Android Market that is today known as Google Play Store. The first smartphone on Android platform was HTC dream by HTC.

What is exciting is the fact that the number of downloads of mobile apps on the App Store reached one billion after a one year. it was certainly the best time to found a mobile app development company. A couple of months later the Android app development market attained another breakthrough – one billion downloads. It was also the period when diverse companies presented their first tablets like Apple iPad and Galaxy by Samsung.

It could be exciting to point out that there are a couple of other famous organizations that have invested in mobile app development and one of them is Windows. Their leader strategies were made in 1996 and even though Windows was ahead of its competition, the “classic” mobile apps that we know were introduced later than iOS and Android apps. Windows mobile app development remains to be one of the most important activities for this industry.

Of course, during this period the applications by themselves were changing, enhancing and growing. As an illustration, in the past, many mobile apps manipulate a so-called icon system or textual display to present their features. On the other hand, modern applications are presenting HD photos, videos, and great mobility. Additionally, swiping has replaced scrolling in several apps creating user experience easier than ever. The recent apps are highlighted touch controls mainly because this will make their use much easier and simpler.

In accordance with several professionals, mobile app development possesses a bright future since the number of app users is predicted to grow. Simultaneously, many of the mobile app development companies are making modifications in their apps that can make them more popular.

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