Change is an unavoidable event in a person's life. There is no getting around it. The question is will you change by design or default? Will your change be for better or for worse?

As long as you live, move and breath you will be confronted with the need to make the changes necessary to evolve as the situations in your life require.

The more ambitious you are the more frequently you will be called upon to shift and adapt to higher levels of operating. To ensure that you make changes in the right direction, you can actively control the process of change in your life.

To control the process of change, one may follow this 4 step progression:

** Acknowledge The Need For Change

A resolve to change cannot happen unless the need for change is first identified and acknowledged. This will always be the starting point of any endeavour to change. A third party may be responsible for bringing such a need to the fore. Irrespective of how the awareness comes about, the most important factor here is that acknowledgement happens.

** Commit To Making The Changes

Weigh up the pros and cons of making the commitment. It is important that the advantages and disadvantages to making a decision to change are clearly laid out from the outset. A person who is aware of these ramifications can make an informed decision about why change is necessary for them.

** Plan SMART Goals Around The Changes

Every goal you plan around your aims to change ought to be SMART, if they are to be effective. In particular, SMART goals are S-smart, M-measurable, A-achievable, R-realistic, T-time bound. Goals that meet these requirements are most like to be actualised.

** Establish Accountability

With the best will in the world and the all the determination one can muster, it is statistically proven that in the pursuit of any goal, accountability increases the rate of success and how quickly results are achieved. It is human nature to slack off every now and then, or to lose focus on a desired goal - often unintentionally. Having a coach or mentor to whom you are accountable goes a long way to helping you stay on track.

These four important steps in the process of change are powerful in their ability to totally transition a person determined to change; from point A where you find yourself now, to point B, where you desire to be.

The outcome of this change process is transformation by design.

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Management and Leadership Specialist, and Productivity Expert, Anneesh Elizabeth is the author and producer of productivity and business related productions and training programes. She is helping budding entrepreneurs and professionals succeed, where many fail.

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