Circus elephants are trained at a very early age by tying on of their back legs with a chain to a post, the elephant is trained to remain within the perimeter of the chain. As the elephant grows older the chain is removed and replaced with a simple rope. The elephant has enough power to break the rope but will not try to move from the perimeter of the rope because he has been trained a believe system has been created.

Do you have any limiting ropes?

Our believe systems are created from a very early age, we learned how to place labels on every thing: good, bad, cold, hot, pretty, ugly, dark, light, possible, impossible, I can, I cannot, I should, I should not, I like I dislike and so on.

We label and we judge every-thing, every-one, every thought, every idea, every concept.

Our religious believes and ethnic background, our moral and family values, our professional education and business standards, our language and regional customs. That constitutes the essence our personal system of believes.
Every one wants to be successful but many people expect to become successful while doing the same things, remain at the same job, perform the same task in the same manner they have been taught, doing the same things they have been doing for years, the same thought structure and the same believe system.

Your desires and intentions to manifest wealth, success abundance in your life must be unencumbered to any believes.

We take the information we receive from our senses for granted.

Rarely do we question what we see.

We believe that what we see is reality. We feel that the earth we stand on is still does not move, but it is traveling at over 25,000 miles per hour. We have the sensation that the earth is flat, but we know it is round. We see the sun travel around the earth, but we know that the opposite is true. Five hundred years ago it was a capital crime to think that the earth was not the center of the universe.

As you see we form illusions. We see not what really is but what believe it is.

Another illusion is to think that what we take for granted will always be there, that there will not be a change. The opposite is true, life, nature the landscape the universe are dynamic ever-changing entities, vibrating, oscillating in motion. That is the nature of our universe.

Make your dreams a reality.
It all begins by taking the step...question your believe system.

Scherezade Lozano

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Scherezade Lozano, master astrologer, spiritual coach, and author, provides individuals and business organizations with valuable information to help them achieve internal balance. To understand the situations and people in your present moment and to gain a higher perspective where you will be able to capitalize on the present opportunities and to make the changes that are necessary in your life or business to improve your experience and your results.

Scherezade has studied astrology extensively and has guided many individuals and business organizations to discover higher qualities and identify opportunities to manifest love, wealth, abundance, happiness and success.

Scherezade readings and astrological analysis are not light readings, Scherezade's readings are life changing experiences, as she combines her extensive astrology knowledge with her natural gifts of channeling and intuitive energy reading.

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