Positivism packs a punch. It has strong pulling power and can cause many doors of opportunity to swing wide open, and often. The ability to look upon life through rose-tinted lenses is not beyond your control. Your level of positivity is truly in your hands.

Take note that what is referred to here as "positivity" is not a blind belief that overlooks the reality that sometimes less favourable events do happen in life. Rather "positivity" is taken to mean the type of attitude and outlook that expects the best, while sensibly prepares for the worse case scenario.

If you are not naturally of a happy-clappy, bouncy disposition, those of us who are may seem alien at times. But qualities that come naturally to some can often be learned by others. Ultimately, positivity is a choice - and one you will need to make day by day, and situation by situation. Eventually your conscious choices will become your habitual response.

Let's consider three favourable effects that a positive outlook can create:

The Magnetic Effect

Like attracts like! What you are you pull towards yourself. When you develop a positive mental attitude and surround yourself with positive things and people, positive experiences and outcomes begin to multiply in your life.

The Bounce Back Effect

Negative experiences happen to us all, but if your internal compass is set to positive, it is only a matter of time before you navigate your way back to a more positive place.

The Overcoming Effect

A defeated mind produces defeated outcomes. A positive mind will always look for the light at the end of the tunnel, and is therefore more inclined to find a way to overcome the most challenging situations. And if a way cannot be found, a person that is positively wired will create one.

More than just a nice quality to have - which it is - a positive outlook can literally determine the course your life will take. To keep a positive mindset, one must have positive thoughts. To have positive thoughts one must fill their life with all things positive. This can be achieved through reading books, listening to motivational or personal development audio's, and by engaging in pleasurable social experiences. Such that nurture your belief in the best, and grow your expectation that the most favourable outcomes can occur.

Pro-actively keeping any and all negative influences to a minimum is also a crucial part of both creating and protecting a positive mindset. This may mean watching less on TV, being selective about what you pay attention to in the press, and more importantly managing your relationships in such a way as to prevent people who have a dis-empowering affect on you from having unmerited access to you.

Just as birds of a feather flock together, like attracts like. For this reason, if you surround yourself with positivity, you will inevitably grow and protect your ability to attract positive, fulfilling and rewarding experiences.

You will find this principle holds true in both your personal and professional life.

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