Do you remember back to your childhood days where you played the game of make-believe? Who did you most often wish you were? What special powers did you have? Did you practice a special voice? And, naturally, Ladies, did you dress up a certain way? Okay, I’ll let you in on my secret make-believe persona as a kid. I was Tabitha from Bewitched. I would dream that I could just twinkle (or crinkle in my case) my nose and lo and behold I created magic. Time just flew by during make-believe time with the end result being pure bliss.

Fast forward to our adult years – who even still thinks about her make-believe play days? If you do, it’s more of an escape mechanism to drown out the daily stresses and wishing yourself back to your childhood when things seemed uncomplicated. Remember the point above about the end result being pure bliss? If we’re truly honest with ourselves, aren’t we all craving more bliss, joy, happiness, and fun in our lives? That then raises the question: Should you play make-believe as an adult? As in, maybe make-believe isn’t just child’s play. And there is so much truth to that statement. It isn’t just child’s play. There are real magical benefits to playing make-believe as an adult.

I employ the power of playing make-believe in my own life and encourage my coaching clients to do it as well. How did I decide to play make-believe as an adult? I could never latch onto the concept of “fake it until you make it” when it came to approaching dealing with my emotional life or career. It felt like the phoniest thing on this planet to me. That phrase has the same end result as in faking an “O” if you get my drift. Empty and unsatisfying. That’s when I remembered how much I loved playing make-believe as a kid and decided that I would use this concept for overcoming fears, taking risks and entering into uncharted territory. And sure enough, the power of using make-believe is just like Tabitha’s twinkle of her nose. So, let’s look at 3 powerful benefits, like a triple dose of Vitamin C, you gain from make-believe:

1. Confidence. When you play make-believe, you can envision yourself to be anything you want or do anything you want. This energy then shifts from the mental to the physical to give you that extra oomph or spirit to take actions that the “normal you” might be resistant to. Also, when you’re in the make-believe character you’ve created mentally, you just flow and act from a space that is safe and where you don’t worry much about what others think. Almost like you’ve put yourself into a super-heroine role who tells herself she can do anything! You have the ability to handle whatever life throws at you. Sometimes the make-believe character is also much wiser than we allow our “normal self” to be. She tells us what steps to take, how to say things, what body language to use, what look to aim for and which words will resonate most.

2. Charisma. That confidence that you gain from make-believe creates something amazing for you -- namely, charisma. Charisma can be hard to define. Some say you know it when you see it. It’s that personal quality that gives an individual influence. You have that certain air around you that draws in people. You exude power and strength in a good way. You seem to beam inspiration onto others. It can open doors for you. During your make-believe visualization, see yourself among others and how you can easily persuade them to your ideas. You can see how much they want to support you on your path. Your charisma can make things happen. Charisma also allows you to express your opinions and feelings more honestly since people are very comfortable with your persona. Do note though, that being charismatic isn't the same as pleasing people. Charismatic people don't care about what others think. They are just totally charming and charismatic on their own.

3. Contentment. Joy, bliss, happiness, exuberance or fulfillment – that’s what you could also call this benefit. Who doesn’t want more of this in her life? There are so many women who are juggling everything in life and trying to live up to others’ standards. Well, when you play make-believe, first of all, you add a little fun factor into your life again. You truly feel good and get giddy from tapping into your little girl on the inside. Secondly, your confidence and charisma magnetize so many wonderful people and opportunities into your life that you can only be content. You’ll literally be buzzing and creating joy for people around you. You’ll also find that you are in a better space to handle problems and obstacles should they arrive on your doorstep. It’s like you’ve become your own Fairy Godmother!

So carve out some time after you read this to start your own make-believe game. Have fun with it. It can create some dramatic shifts in your own life. And it’s much, much better than that stupid “fake it until you make it” stuff. After all, who doesn’t like a game of dress up?

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Marion Chamberlain helps women that are always "desperately seeking" something learn what it is and how to claim it. Visit her website for more information on her spiritual coaching program that allows you to experience freedom, connection, and independence.