Patchouli oil is not necessarily popular among masses. However, this essential oil is valuable in both skin care as well as perfumery. It is steam distilled from Pogostemon patchouli herb, which is tender upright with spikes of white flowers that are purple tinted. You will find lots of these plants in Indonesia.

The hippy fragrance of 1960’s was dominated by use of patchouli oil. At that time patchouli as mainly used as a substitute for water and soap. It was often referred to as musky mix at that time.

Patchouli oil usually has an earthy scent. A straight hit will surely come across you very strongly. You will find a wide range of perfume blends, which will surely make you head spin, as it is an amazing fixative, a perfect blender and base note.

We adore patchouli oil for its aromatherapy benefits and skin care. It has a wide range of uses that makes it only unique in the essential oil arena. Patchouli makes a wonderful mature skin and it is being used in many anti-wrinkle products. Apart from that, it is known to have many cell regeneration properties which are wonderful for aging skin, preventing disfiguring care tissue from forming and hastens wound healing.

It is also very effective for cracking skin conditions such as fungal type infections and eczema. This oil has been found to be of benefit for cellulite, due to its superb diuretic properties. In scalp care, it is said to treat dandruff and other scalp disorders appropriately. Most of the experts on essential oils will not advise the use of an essential oil without dilution. Mixing this oil as a 1% dilution is among the safest ways to use it. Avoid large doses of these oils as it may lead to appetite loss. Some people also finds is somewhat sedating.

Everyone knows that when they smell something, it become wistful of some past memory. Apart from memories, smells are also important in our perceptions of interactions with the old.

Patchouli oil has a long and rich history and it was further strengthened during the 18th and 19th century. This plant thrives best in the intense heat and thus they can be found in plenty inside the tropical jungles of Asia. Mainly used in religious ceremonies, this oil when moved across the world towards the western nations began a major part of perfumery.

The aromatherapy or the process of inhaling scents can be a superb way to relive stress and also helps in lessening nausea. When you take only few drops of patchouli oil into hot steam water and take slow breathes, it relives your stress. Therapeutic massage is another thing which involves major use of patchouli oil. Work through tired muscles, by adding scent to the proceedings and it will surely work in favor of you. Advanced manufacturing technology have taken this oil and applied to many different products.

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