Ever thought about developing a career within the scuba diving industry?
The PADI IDC Gili Islands Program is entirely conducted by Industry Recognized Multiple Platinum PADI Course Director Holly Macleod, who has been working within recreational diving for approximately two decades. During her career Holly Macleod has worked in a variety of different diving related job roles in a range of different worldwide diving locations including Honduras, Thailand, Australia, UK, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia & Singapore. Having received the prestigious PADI Platinum Award and the Elite 300 Instructor Award for the past eight years consecutively, Holly has now issued well over 3000 Instructor level certifications and has the pure experience to assist professional divers in developing skills, knowledge and confidence to be highly successful and is the perfect person to consult when making the transition into a new career knowing exactly what is expected from new instructors and of course what new scuba diving instructors should expect from the diving industry.
The program akes place at one of the most prestigious dive centres in Indonesia. The facilities are second to none, having been praised a number of times by trip advisor and won numerous PADI awards. We are most proud of our excellent customer service record and our commitment to instructor development.
The course is run on a 20 day schedule, with additional pre IDC study options. It is recommended that candidates arrive a minimum of 4 days before the start of the course so as to take full advantage of the course. During the pre IDC study students get a chance to review any part of dive theory or skill practice that they wish, whilst also easing themselves into IDC mode and of course getting to know their fellow candidates.
Most of the graduates have found work immediately after the course either in the Gili Islands or elsewhere in the world. In fact all it takes is a stroll around the island and a chat to dive instructors in the various dive shops, and you will find many of them have taken their IDC through our facility and are more than happy with their transition to becoming a professional dive instructor.
If you’re looking to become a professional PADI Scuba Instructor than you can find all the available information at THE PADI IDC Indonesia website, including schedules, start dates costs and required materials.
If you’re looking to find out more information the PADI IDC Indonesia Instagram Page is a great start as well as the PADI IDC Gili Islands on Facebook & should you need don’t hesitate to contact PADI Course Director Holly for more information on our range of PADI courses.

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