People are told this all of the time in Network Marketing. Ironically, there is still a high failure rate in an industry filled with people who are not “lazy”. Ambitious distributors use the success stories of “average” people as motivation and proof that they too can reach their financial goals.
However, for someone to achieve mega success in network marketing, they truly have to have an above average level of drive and desire, and also possess the ability to deal with an enormous amount of frustration and rejection.
2K Network Marketing makes this statement true for the “average” person, because you will not be subjected to the same amount of abnormally high levels of rejection as you would be if you went about trying to build a network marketing business by making a list of everyone that you can think of, and then running out talking to everybody on your list like an overly excited chicken with your head cut off.
Yes, network marketing is still a numbers game, and you will still have to develop your business skills, but you will not feel like you are getting hazed while you are going through your learning curve.
It is true that most people in our society are lazy, and will never be successful at any kind of business venture. However, it is also true that a lot of quality people (potential leaders) have become jaded, because they have been subjected to the inhuman levels of rejection and abuse that seems to have become accepted as “part of the process” if you realistically expect to reach your financial goals with network marketing.
You will learn basic skills like prospecting and following up, using the 2K training system. You will also learn advanced marketing and lead generation skills.
Quitting really is the only way to fail with the 2K training system, because you will no longer have the perpetual excuses of time and money, to make you feel comfortable while justifying the reasons why you did not do what it takes to reach your goals.
This is a 24 hour coaching/training program that allows you to set your own schedule.
Also, your monthly business expense for the starting level is only $10. If you can not learn to manage a business expense of $10 per month, then you do not need to be in business. You need to keep working at the job that you claim that you hate, provided by a real business owner.
Once you join the 2K team, the only way to fail, really is to quit.

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Jeremiah Carstarphen, The Cartoon Coach

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