For digital businesses, the success behind approaching the target digital audience and persuading them to convert into buying customers lie on a strong and fail-proof digital marketing strategy - implemented by a modern & professional digital marketing company.

Digital marketing practices are constantly evolving and each year has a dash of new & smart innovation to it. So who decides these digital marketing trends? It’s business brands and their end-customers only who brainstorm and end-up resulting in the unique and modern digital marketing trends. And such trends are the reasons that allow brands to stay afloat with innovation in their online marketing game and follow digital marketing best practices that inform, assure & lure the audience for ultimate conversion.

The following guide, would help you learn the best digital marketing practices that are correlated with the digital marketing trends of 2020.

1. Video Content Marketing
2. Omnichannel Marketing
3. Personalization of content with end-users
4. Content Restructure
5. Voice search optimization
6. Conversational marketing via chatbots
7. More visualization than textual content
8. Content optimization for zero SERP/Google Featured snippet
9. Audio content via Podcasts
10. Automated email marketing campaigns

1. Video Content Marketing

=> 8 out of 10 people buy a software product after watching a business’s video.
=> Not just youtube, video content also has great consumption on platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram - over textual posts.
=> Videos have sourced as a #1 way to help customers learn about a brand’s product more clearly and further influence them to buy it.
=> Prepare a competitive video marketing strategy and plan & implement video types of - brand storytelling videos, explainer or how-to or tutorial videos, product or services related videos or more.

2. Omnichannel Marketing

=> Customers purchase 250% more frequently when they engage with a brand over more than 3 channels.
=> 90% of customers who interact with the brand’s marketing campaigns over more than 3 distinct channels are likely to be the business’s repeat customers.
=> Know your customer persona, segment them according to their demographics & preference, and prepare captivating marketing campaigns for different digital touchpoints where they are most active.
=> Once you know who your target audience is and the channel they are most active on, from there, you will just have to tweak the content and make it favorable as per the desire of each audience segment.

3. Personalization of content with end-users

=> Companies that involve personalization to their content get 20% more sales opportunities, and 18% more revenue, and nearly 50% of users get tempted to spend more when they get the relatable content.
=> Implement user-personalized campaigns with your target customers specific content, add their names via smart tags, serve info as per their location, and more via consulting your digital marketing company.

4. Content Restructuring

=> Google prefers short answers to fetch in the response to users' search query.
=> You can integrate crisp yet detailed FAQs on the product/service or blog pages of the website to increment your chances of appearing quickly against the searches of your target user’s query.
=> Optimize the content, make it more readable with bullets and short paras to drive the attention of search engines for crawling your web pages.

5. Voice search optimization

=> Voice commerce will put sales at $40 billion by 2022.
=> Smartphones and devices with voice search capabilities are growing at a constant rise. Voice bots like Alexa and Siri have made shopper’s navigation easier and faster.
=> Integrate your marketing campaigns around the voice search capabilities to meet all interests of users in every way - via the help of a full-suite digital marketing services provider.

6. Conversational marketing via chatbots

=> Chatbots are expected to power 85% of customer services & will cut business costs by $8 billion by 2022.
Approach conversational marketing with the inclusion of => AI chatbots that are 24/7 running, optimized to meet the search user’s query, its intent is to drive great engagement and conversions.

7. More visualization than textual content

=> Posts with images get 108% engagement, and the human brain processes visuals 60,000 more than the texts.
=> Data visualizations in the form of infographics, images & videos in addition to regular text not only makes it more interesting and attractive but also helps the brand’s message reach the customers in a better & faster manner.
=> Create content with balanced use of text and multimedia, visuals or so.

8. Content optimization for zero SERP/Google Featured Snippet

=> Google’s Featured snippet or ZERO SERP space is the best way to grab the attention of the target users.

=> Try adding a listicle kind of or one line content in your elongated content with keyword optimization and you will have your chances of appearing in the ZERO SERP with quick ease. A company for digital marketing will introduce you with great ways to rank in the 0 SERP or Google’s featured snippet box.

9. Audio content via Podcasts

=> Audio content is becoming a smarter & quicker way to communicate an organization’s mission, story, culture to the business customers.
=> Hosting a Podcast content has become a great way to communicate with the audience and to repurpose the already published blog or article - that is too lengthy or boring to skim for most readers.
=> You can search for the target audience and their preferred topic, and make podcast content as in any variety as you like - informational, brand storytelling, promotional, interview type, or others with the help of your professional digital marketing services team.

10. Automated email marketing campaigns

=> Email marketing has always sounded like a successful marketing strategy. The automatic email campaigns can help you book a spot in the customer’s email box with ease.
=> With well-sequenced infographics, strong headings, to-the-point brand message, powerful CTAs, and data-backed-optimization, you can make your email campaigns worth opening and converting via the help of the company for digital marketing.

Final Thoughts on Best Digital Marketing Practices!

These are the best digital marketing practices to adopt in 2020 via the help of a digital marketing company - to increase rankings, boost traffic, and bring in conversions.

It is important for a digitized business to get accustomed according to digital marketing trends of the present and near future - to stay intact as a dynamic brand, win the attention of updated search engine algorithms, and the new-age emerging target users.

To incorporate the digital marketing best practices of 2020, hire a professional company for digital marketing that stays well-versed with the trends to meet businesses’ long-awaited digital growth.

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