Poker has always been a massively stimulating game of interest within the gambling community. Now more than ever, players all around the world are joining the poker revolution and playing it on a daily basis. We only need to step outside of online casinos, to find that there is influence of poker in all cultures outside of gambling. Movie titles especially today, have generated masses of fans and grossed huge profits as the years have gone by. It never usually takes much to actually play poker and start face players from all over the globe; all you will need is the set required skills, understanding and of course be of the legal age to play from the region you are based in.

Many players today often opt for reaching their best poker gaming quality, by making sure that they choose poker coaching via various pursuits of online, live and one-on-one options. Yet, before you even consider that, you will need to make sure you have grasped the basics and understood what is required from yourself as a player. For that reason, we have decided to bring forward to you a series of tips that you should use, as guidance and a way of making your experience more enjoyable overall, in the course of your poker journey. Just keep in mind that, throughout your learning process, it will take time and dedication to reach the top and be a worthy opponent against competition. Yes, it is a game of luck, but skill also is a huge contributing factor to your success.

First tip: Know the rules inside out

This may seem very obvious a rule in any case, however there have been many beginners that have felt the best way to progress in this game is just by sheer experience. This is where you are wrong. Poker time means money, money that you could avoid losing if you just know how to play properly. It is quite unforgivable that you would go in all guns blazing to a poker game, with no previous knowledge of how the game goes, in terms of betting variations and game execution. So yes, use the resources that you find pretty much everywhere online, including the free play options-they cost you nothing and are experience in themselves!

The game that you should definitely consider educating yourself on in terms of game rules and betting variations is the Texas Hold'em Poker variant. It is one of the most popular around the world, and many of the top software developers such as Microgaming, have made their own variant and take on the classic.

Second tip: Begin with play money games

This tip will essentially save you disappointment including lots of real money in the process of your poker journey. As we mentioned ‘free play’ previously, when you play poker games that do not include the use of real money, they are often labelled as play money tables. So yes, although you will not be winning anything, it's the experience gained that will truly help you along the way.

The best play money variants include the options, Party Poker, 888 Poker, Replay Poker, and Poker Stars.

Third tip: Try the free rolls

The free rolls option is great because you will be able to play without actually investing a single dime, yet you could come out of it with cash that is important for living your bankroll just that much little extra and a little boost-which you cannot really say no to!

All the best poker players across the world started by making sure they played the free roll options first, with crazy routines that surpassed daily. However, if being a professional poker player is your end goal with all of this, you can certainly say that by practicing free rolls, you will have nothing to lose in doing so. They are set out in a tournament setting too, which will get you used to the gaming environment that exists beyond an informal poker night that you may have participated in, in the past. Pokerstars and 888poker have great free rolls that are available to players from a daily basis, all the way to a monthly basis. So, your commitment to the cause can go however you like.

Fourth tip: Try low stakes at first

This may seem rather obvious; however, it makes perfect sense. When you are progressing from the free roll variations in poker to betting with real money, as tempting as it may seem to go large and out there, starting small is the smart way to go about this. When you begin small, you will firstly have more control over your bankroll, which is important when you play poker. You should not go beyond whatever you find sustainable and within your means. The low limits can often go to as low as £0.01 or £0.10, meaning you can still enjoy all the features that the poker game has to offer, with less cash up front.

The sooner you get into the habit of sustaining your bankroll, the sooner you will find that your money lasts for more game time for yourself! How do you think the best poker players around the world have so much cash to their name? The answer is of course, bankroll management.

Fifth tip: Use a tight aggressive style

A large number of the best players in the world will use this style to progress forward with their tournaments and win, of course. This style involves you playing tight and limiting the starting hands that you actually play with, by just using QQ, KK, AA, AK and AQ. To play aggressive is not just to call for a raise but to re-raise with your opponents. Try not to play these hands with a passive style.

Sixth tip: Be conscious of your position

Think about it, when you play, you could come first, second or last. The best position to be in, is actually last as you will be able to see all the hands that come before you and come with the strongest strategy moving forward. If for example you are playing with three other players and they all did not place a bet, it gives you the valuable information that the player is about to raise or their hand was not worthy of an occasion to raise. Make sure to observe every move, gesture and facial expression- it will be the small things that give players away.

Seventh tip: Play calmly and with the best judgement

So, this tip definitely falls into place at the right time, as it links well with the previous tip. Whenever you play, you need to make sure you are not hasty; making sure to pay attention to everyone else and their actions. Do not be too excited to play your hand that you have completely not acknowledged what is going on around you. Always assess your holding and how aggressive your opponents are too. That should give you a hint to their possessions.

Eight tip: Do not bluff excessively

You heard us right. Bluffing is certainly great and a necessity in poker, as you can artistically elude your player into thinking you have or have not got a certain hand, therefore making them use their bankroll reserves unnecessarily to raise you, and vice versa. Bluffing however is only really necessary in the moments necessary. Sure, maybe Lady Gaga’s song Poker Face could be your go-to poker playing track, but you should only bluff when you need to.

Final tip: Know when to fold

Folding is a part of the poker process. You need to know when to call it quotes to prevent yourself from losing more cash further on down the line of playing. It can really cause you to use up the bankroll resources unnecessarily, just because you want to see your opponent’s cards! The temptation is hard to resist, yet believe us when we say this, if you will be playing poker regularly, you are going to need to resist and fold. Live to fight another day, as they say.

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