YOUR MINDSET will determine your success at building wealth be it via a business or career. More important than how much money you have or can borrow; your level of expertise in your industry or the amount of time you invest in the business, you must develop and maintain the right mindset.

Here are just a few of the Mindsets I encourage you to explore as you build your business or career:

Your Relationship With Money; Is Your Relationship with Money Healthy?

Your Ability To See The Bigger Picture & Then MORE IMPORTANTLY Step Into It

Understanding LEVERAGE & Return on Investment (ROI) and Using The Principles In EVERY Area of Your Life. Be willing to spend money to accelerate your dream.

Be Authentic with Your Target Market; tell your story – stories sell.

Understanding That YOU Are The Most Important Resource You Have; Take care of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs.

Using Technology Allows You to Build a Brand and Expert Status At Lighting Speed. If you need help, hire a virtual assistant.

Plugging Into Proven and Multiple Business Models Is Smart; Don’t try to reinvent the wheel; Borrow Business Models from People Already Successful in Your Industry.

You Must Surround Yourself With People Who Are Doers and are already where you want to go or they are heading in that direction.

You Must Be Willing To Take Risks with a Sense of Adventure and Have Fun Along the Way.

You Must Have Systems and Automation. Use technology to your advantage.

You Attract Opportunities That Will Propel You Forward When You Believe Those Opportunities Are Possible for You!

Author's Bio: 

Carmin Wharton is a life and business coach to women who are stuck and can’t move forward to create the dream life, career or business they deserve. She helps women change their lives one goal at the time!