Are there aspects of your life that you're unhappy with? Are you ill? Are you overweight? Are you unhappy in your career or relationship? Do you feel like a victim? Do you think you are simply unlucky or that life is cruel? Perhaps you feel comfortable in the belief that there is nothing you can do to change any of this?

Have you ever thought that perhaps you asked to have these things in your life?

Energy of Attraction

Nowadays, most people have heard of the Law of Attraction: the idea that the energy you put out into the Universe attracts things of the same energy. So, if you put out an energy of abundance, you will attract abundance into your life.

However, a Law is a Law: if it applies to the positive, it also applies to the negative. Therefore, logically, if bad things are in your life, you attracted them. This means that part of you wanted or needed these things.

Yes, part of you needed your illness, needed your weight and whatever else you dislike about your life!

Which Part of Me Needed Unpleasant Experiences?

Now, the needs of your subconscious will always dominate the needs of your conscious mind: your subconscious always gets what it wants!

The energy you put out into the Universe is therefore a reflection of the deep-seated needs of your subconscious mind. These are the needs and wants that determine what you get in your life.

The Logical Consequences

There are some disturbing consequences of this. It means that, instead of being a victim of circumstance, you are on some level responsible for everything that is in your life. You attracted your weight, your poverty, your illness and your boring career. You can no longer blame life, God or anyone else for your suffering; you actually received what you asked for.

Think about this for a minute: you are responsible.

However, once you accept that responsibility, and accept that everything in your life serves you in some way, it gives you the key to changing things for yourself.

Change Your Programming, and Stop Attracting the Bad Stuff

If your weight or illness serve a positive purpose to your subconscious mind, why not change this so you no longer attract it?

The trick to working with your subconscious mind is to manipulate it: you play its game to get what you want. Understand that it will only hold onto something as long as it sees a benefit; this will be a gift or a lesson or some sort.

So, let's take the example of being overweight. Your subconscious will have beliefs such as:

I have to be overweight to be free.
I have to be overweight to be loved for myself.

You could then change that programming to:

I am already free and I know what it feels like to be loved for myself. I have that already without needing get it by being overweight.

When this is put in place, the need for being overweight simply disappears. Your energy will change, and you will stop attracting that into your life. Simple!

When I became ill with ME, I would have been furious with anyone who told me that I had asked for it. However, fifteen years later, I now realise that I did indeed attract that illness. It did serve a purpose for my subconscious mind. It was only when I found those roots within myself, and changed them, that my health returned.

Create the life you desire!

You can learn to muscle-test yourself and find out what your subconscious thinks it needs and why. You can then take steps to change those needs. The important thing is to discover what the benefits were. You must convince your subconscious that it has those benefits already, and so no longer needs to get them the old way.

This is amazingly liberating, because it provides you with the key to change absolutely anything about your life. By working on your subconscious mind, you can bring its needs into alignment with what you really want.

Then, the Law of Attraction can act again, and this time bring you the life you desire!

Author's Bio: 

Dr Anne Whitehouse was a Scientist, but lost everything when she became ill with ME. Despite being told she would always have it, she recovered by changing the subconscious programming which had attracted her illness. Today she is completely free of ME. Anne is now a transformational therapist and author of You Are The Alchemist - Transform Your Life, a book which teaches you how to change things for yourself.

If you want to change your life, and stop attracting negative experiences, go to to find out how and join Anne online at to have your questions answered.