When foreigners come to India, they find it amusing as well as exasperating to see practically everyone staring at them. Whether it is a man or a woman, it is common to find almost everyone staring at someone who looks like a foreigner. More so, Indians have a habit of giving an intent look to the fellow Indians as well. It is difficult to understand this national pastime.

When do we stare?

The science gives a standard explanation for glaring among children that they do so whenever they do not understand something. They want to know more about it to know what it is in front of them. They want to clarify their doubts, but if they cannot do so, they end up glowering at something or someone. The Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a kind of behavioral disorder that is found more in boys than girls, which makes them understand things after a long while, and thus they stare. The habit of staring becomes so intent while growing that when they reach teenage, they have more hormones in their blood than hemoglobin.

Staring at women

It has been a global phenomenon to understand women since ages. Men, no matter how hard they try, cannot understand women. They do not know the way to appreciate them either, and hence, they stare. More often than not, men find women as mystifying wonders of the world. They want to understand the way women dress up, the way they are created, and the way they talk.

Another reason to stare at women is to judge them by the kind of clothes they wear. Some men have it ingrained in them to measure the cultural quotient of women. Men try to find out the religion they belong to, the kind of language they speak, the way they stand, and the way they eat. Moreover, they think it is their responsibility to protect the women. Women who cannot cover themselves are responsible for their own security. They try to find out the answers to all the mind-boggling questions running through their mind while staring at women.

Correlating men and women

We often find people of same as well as opposite gender staring at us. This nationwide phenomenon sounds a little illogical, but nothing can help the curiosity that resides in the minds of people. They want to recollect the face of a celebrity or famous personality someone standing in front of them looks like. Even if they find a scarf or a tie on someone that they have seen or possess, they would want to stare at the person forever. No matter how uncomfortable it gets for the other person, the ogler might not stop. The glare may get so intense that you may have to either change your place or ask the glaring person to end his or her disturbing act.

The act of observing

Men and women in India often disguise their act of staring under the disguise of observing. They say that they want to observe someone doing something. Whether someone is driving a Self Driving Car, or sitting quietly in a train with a book in hand, they want to look at them while thinking about thousands of things in their mind. However, you must note that the stares are not harmful most of the times. Even though it feels bad to find someone constantly looking in your direction, it gives certain peace of mind when the staring person is out of the sight, and you know that he or she did not want to harm you in any way.

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