In this article we are going to discuss a very important factor in determining success in a fitness program, and this is called the mind muscle connection. We will examine why the mind muscle connection is so important, and how it affects your fitness program and your fitness goals. (For more info check out (

First we need to discuss the process that takes place during resistance training. The resistance training is the stimulus to break the muscle down, and cause micro tears throughout the muscle. Once those micro tears recover, this is where muscle hypertrophy and strength occurs via that adaptation. However before that adaptation to take place we need to stimulate and break down the muscle this is where the Mind muscle connection comes

Without a doubt if you have been to a local gym, you see many gym-goers performing their exercises using a ballistic movement and momentum to get the way through the range of motion. By using momentum, you are not levying the force upon the muscle, and an effect are just creating momentum rather than muscle to perform the exercise. By doing so, you are not breaking down the muscle efficiently. In order to perform an exercise the most optimal way, make sure to perform the range of motion in a slow controlled movement. As you come up in the concentric phase of the moment, or contraction phase, focus on the muscle and really think about the muscle going through the range of motion and Contracting. The same goes for The Eccentric part of motion or negative part of motion,. Think about the stretching a muscle and really focusing on it.

By really focusing on how the muscle feels during the contraction phase and the negative phase of the movement, you will break down and stimulate the muscle more officially does yielding better results. Give it a try, and I'm sure you'll be satisfied with the adaptations

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