In general, people used to regard a natural gemstone with complicated and exquisite technique as jewelry. Therefore, the quality of the gemstone itself is a very vital factor for being classified as jewelry. The principles for judge the quality can be briefly as the next standards:
1. It annual output. It says that “When a thing is rare, it becomes precious”. The same sentence may be easily adapted to the gemstone as well. More Rarer of the output, more precious the gemstone will be! This is all because the extremely special and complex conditions for their formation. Most of them come from the melting magma that is in deep underground a few tens of kilometers with high temperature, while this hot melting magma flowing from underground to the surface along the earth crack, some stopped close to the earth's surface, and become hard stone after cooling; Some stopped more close to the temperature center, and then a new brand kind taking shape, In the process of the formation of the new ones, only a few special elements will become the hard gem crystals or jade slowly, the time they need is always very long. Then, these stones, formed deep underground, were brought to earth's surface due to the influence of the earth's crust movement. With the constantly exploitation, the storage has reducing sharply with time passed.
2. Luster. The jewelry ornaments are always wearing a rich and charming color: gorgeous, pure, even, vivid and dazzling. Some can even present various Special discoloration, such as deformation, color-changing, starlight and cat's eye effect, this character make the gemstones at an advantage while comparing with other objects.
3. Durability. All precious Gems own good durability. This decides the Gems can not only own the gorgeous luster, but also can still keep the beauty nearly forever.
4. The portability. The property that both small and exquisite makes it very easy to carry.
Gemstone, gorgeous and precious, as well because of the limited output and high durability, always own very high value. Thus, When owner come across some unpredictable events, gemstone is the wealth can be most easy to transfer, both convenient to carry, or transfer them to abroad or other safety places, and the most important reason is it will not easy to lose or damage.
At present, the most common classes of gemstones can be more than 20 kinds; they are diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, opal, tourmaline, aquamarine, crystal, pearl and so on. And among them, diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald and opal are known collectively as the "five top gemstones"; some also add the alexandrite and emerald for the “seven top list”.
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