The most extravagant properties have a few things in common whether it is an outdoor fireplace or state of the art monitoring system. Like the most of us, I have always been fascinated with luxurious interiors. It wasn’t in the cards for me owing to the fact that I could not dig so deep in my pockets. Yet with only a few small touches I have redefined my home as per my taste. I made sure that the features stood out as compared to my current landscape.

Along the way of my research, I have come across a few common noticeable features among all the houses. It helped me realize what most of the luxurious houses have common in them. Here is a rundown of those features-

Big, Bigger, Biggest Closets:

The days when a simple walk in closets was considered as a luxury are gone. A large closet is the biggest amenity for any house. This is one of the primary reasons why the closet of every luxury house keeps increasing in size. Just like the art in a home that speculates your style and taste, the clothes that you wear do the same. Chandeliers, the floor to ceiling wooden shelves and mirror galore are the way to go!

Smart Technology

Integrating sleek technology into the house is another irresistible feature that any luxurious homeowner looks for. They look for the cutting edge technologies wherein they can be as close to their home as possible even from miles away. Controlling the rooms’ temperature, unlocking doors from anywhere at all, setting alarms with just the push of a button, checking the video surveillance of the home while at work are only a few to mention such features.

Outdoor living space as good as indoors

Designing a fully functional luxurious outdoor living space which at the same time is cozy and comfortable is another prominent feature that I have noticed in common to all the luxurious homes. Barbeques and sleek stainless steel designs to handle the most extravagant entertaining evenings are the basic requirements for any house. Imagine the wondrous moments one would be able to enjoy outdoor theatres and fresh air.

A spa-like bathroom

I find the bathroom the most important luxury home trend among all others. The modern bathroom is all about stand-alone tubs, walk-in showers with body jets. Heated floors and touchless plumbing fixtures are what the high-end buyers seek in any home. The luxurious home designers go for the bathrooms that give you the spa-like feeling. Quite obviously anyone would want to replicate the best of the best spa-like utilities in their bathrooms because that is where you can have the most relaxing bath right from the comforts of your home. Doesn’t it tingle your senses to even imagine having a serene moment in your own bathroom for as long as you want?

State of the art kitchen

Somehow I feel that kitchen is the heart of my home rather than the living room. It is where most of the time we gather during the holiday celebrations. As I spend most of the time cooking and making dinner preparations for my entire family, I definitely like my kitchen to be as welcoming as possible even for the rest of my family members. The one thing that I have noticed in a trending luxurious home is that everything is on the shinier side. Also, everything needs to be fully stocked with a restaurant like gadgetry in the kitchen. A walk in pantry and a built in the fridge are the most attractive.

As I could not go for such huge renovations, I have gone for some minor changes like a standing wine fridge and drawer dividers.

Lastly, I would want to conclude by saying that all of the above-mentioned points are only a few changes among the myriad of changes you can bring about in your house. These are also very important considerations if you are looking forward to put your luxury home for sale.

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