Are you aware that ticks and fleas can cause some real health issues with your dog or puppy, and it’s not only annoying to them, it’s quite a bother for their master as well.

Understanding the flea life cycle will help you make smarter decisions about treating your pets, house, and yard.

Let's walk through the three main stages in the life cycle of a flea: the egg stage, the larvae stage, and the adult stage.

Flea eggs

The start of the existence cycle occurs when an adult female flea lays eggs following a blood meal from the host (e.g., your pet). A single adult can lay approximately forty eggs every day.

Flea larvae

The rising larvae are blind and could avoid being out in the mild. They develop over several weeks by eating pre-digested blood (known as flea “dirt”), the food that adult fleas skip, alongside different organic debris in the surroundings.

Adult fleas

As soon as a flea emerged from the cocoon, it will want to start feeding within a few hours. Shortly after the first meal, adult fleas will breed and begin laying eggs in some days. Female fleas are not capable of laying eggs until they attain a blood meal.

How To Get Rid Of Flea Forever

There are different methods and < flea products you can use to prevent fleas and ticks from your house and backyard. They won't go away if you don't force them out, so you should take severe measures if you want to dispose of fleas.


Many “flea shampoos” are formulated with herbs or essential oils or chemicals. In truth, any good quality non‑medicated shampoo, lathered up well and left on 10 ‑ 15 minutes will remove fleas. Using shampoos made for cats or dogs is necessary if you have to repeat bathing frequently since there are differences in skin pH.

Flea Collars

You ought to start preventing fleas when they are still nowhere to be found. That's why any canine which goes outside now and then needs to have a flea collar. It can kill large amounts of bloodsuckers. However, it does well as a repellent. Indeed, it has positive chemical substances, but they're moderate enough no to initiate inflammation if worn for a long time, for several months, as an example.

Flea Combs

Flea combs are relatively beneficial in finding and putting off fleas. Make sure to comb the pet exterior so that the insects do not remain inside the pet’s environment. Additionally, discard and kill the trapped fleas in vinegar or alcohol solution. Instead, kill the fleas by flushing them down the drain.

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