The one question that most people are obsessed about is: How to attract money? This is not wrong, for money is required to live a good life. What is wrong is in thinking that money is an end in itself. The acquisition of money comes with its own laws. When these laws are observed in letter and spirit, we can become a money magnet. Let us see what these laws are.

Money represents Absolute Truth

We think money serves us, but the fact is that we serve money. This law of money reveals the proper attitude toward finances. When someone desires money, he wants it to be like a slave and fulfill his desires. But money has only one master - the Absolute Truth.

Therefore, the right attitude towards money should be this: I want to use my money to serve the Absolute Truth. This creates true well-being. Money is valuable for one reason only – it represents the Absolute Truth, which is the wealth all of us are seeking.

To get money, we need to establish a good relationship with it. The energy of money arises from the Personality of Godhead. Most of us want to subdue this energy, but this is the wrong approach. A rich man who refuses to spend his wealth in service of others, spiritual development or self-improvement, commits violence against money and divine energy.

The true purpose of money is to take care of others. When we fail to use money in this way, it refuses to fall in with our plans. To have a real relationship with money, we must respect and understand its purpose. When we use money for spiritual purposes, money returns to its source, and this makes it happy. When this happens, we too become happy.

Respect Women

The women in a family represent Goddess Lakshmi, be it the mother, wife, sister, or daughter. A man should care for his wife, parents, and children, and a wife should be faithful to her husband. When a wife thinks about her husband, prosperity will seek him out. If she stops thinking about him, it will destroy him.

A husband embodies the energy of protection, and a wife, the energy of prosperity. When these two energies are in harmony, prosperity will reign in the family. The law of prosperity has to do with the interconnection of these two energies.

Men who don’t respect women are their own enemies. Woman is a source of prosperity for the entire family. In a house where a woman is happy, smiling, and well cared for, Lakshmi will stay. So, women should not be exploited or abused as they represent Goddess Lakshmi herself.

A woman becomes unhappy when her husband is angry. When this happens, Goddess Lakshmi will become offended and leave the house. Thus, when the home atmosphere is not good, people will become estranged, and prosperity itself will abandon the home because prosperity can flourish only where happiness and peace prevail.

Beauty Attracts Prosperity

Goddess Lakshmi is very attractive. Beauty attracts prosperity. When everything at home is nice and beautiful (parents, children, the house, and even domestic animals), it will attract prosperity. Filthy houses will not attract Lakshmi. So the home has to be nice and clean if Lakshmi should dwell there. If we become lazy and keep our homes dirty, Lakshmi will flee from our house. And when she leaves, she will also take away what she brought with her - prosperity.

Respect the Elderly

Just as women in a family represent Goddess Lakshmi, the elders in the family represent Lord Vishnu. Where there is respect for elders in the family, that house will be blessed by prosperity. When children respect their elders, they will achieve success in all that they do.

Respect the Wealthy

Rich people should be respected, not envied. When we respect them, their good karma will be transferred to us. But if we envy them, our good karma will go to them. This may seem strange because not all rich people are good. But they are rich because they did many good deeds in the past. So we should show them respect.

Do Service to Others

Can money feel happy? Yes, it can - when it is used to help others. When you help others, money becomes happy, and you prosper. But if you expect money and people to serve you alone, you become poor. Money will not be our slave. Sometimes, small children run away from home when parents treat them like slaves. Parents should care for their children, not exploit them. Then, when the parents grow old, their service to their children will come back to them as prosperity, for the children will desire to look after their parents well. This is how money also works.

When we love Gods, the Goddess of Fortune will never abandon us. In other words, we must serve the Absolute Truth by leading a righteous and ethical life. This will ensure a life of prosperity.

When you apply these laws of money in your life, money will come in search of you and be a part of your life forever.

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