The Law Of Thinking
Jennifer Stull

The law of thinking is the most important law of all, for our habit of thought becomes our belief’s and thus become our reality. The only thing that we have control over is what we are thinking. And that my friend is why it is so important to become aware of what you are thinking about.

Earl Nightingale said years ago. “If the average person said what they were thinking, they would be speechless”. In other words, mental activity is not thinking. Mental activity is allowing your thoughts to run on default. True thinking is taking control of your thoughts and directing them to manifestation.

We have been programmed genetically and environmentally to believe certain things that may or may not be true. Have you ever really questioned your belief’s? Where did that belief come from? Is that what I really believe?

Becoming aware of what you are thinking is a process. When you begin to question your belief’s you will begin to notice answers to your questions. They may show up in a conversation, on the side of a bus, or in an article that you are reading, or any number of places. Just be aware and on the look out because the answers will show up. What you focus on expands and becomes your reality.

There are laws that govern your being, and the Law Of Thinking is the first place to start.

Now, what do you really want? We have become so afraid to write it down because we do not believe that we can have it, or should have it. This simply is not true. I remember when I was young and in grade school and was told to stop day dreaming. This suppressed my desire for what I wanted. I was also told , you can’t have that. This is where most people shut down as children. You can Be, Do, and Have anything you wish. Here we go again….What you focus on expands. What do you really want?

Authentic thinking comes from the depths of your spirit. The creative part of you. What do you want to create? Put the editor aside, the critical chatter, and start moving in that direction, and by all means write it down….

Most people are not truly doing, or being what they are capable of. The highest development of the Self is what we are after. Knowing about the Law Of Thinking and The Law of Thinking are two different things. To truly know something it must be experienced, or applied.

Have you ever thought about what time of day you do your best thinking? When you are most open, or energized? A number of people do their best thinking while walking in nature, on the treadmill, or just sitting quietly first thing in the morning and being receptive. Marry Morrissey told the story of how Edison would take cat naps. He would hold a stone in his hand so that if he fell asleep the stone would fall to the floor and wake him up. He called it The Land Of Solution, where the infinite had all of the answers to all of the questions, where all solutions lie.
What are you thinking?

Jennifer Stull

Author's Bio: 

With 17 years experience, Jennifer has become an Authority in helping people Transform their Thoughts And Beliefs. We all have desires that we were born with. It is our job to bring them forth and live them. We all want to help others, and we can once we empower ourselves. It truly is all about what you are thinking and what belief's you have.

My Mission is to help others Transform their Thoughts and Beliefs into living a life of conscious choice and being Happy, No Matter What you believe your circumstances to be.

Jennifer has attended the University of Metaphysics to receive her Bachelors Degree and is now completing her Masters Degree in Higher Education for Spiritual Unfoldment. The next step is her Doctorate. She has also received her certificate in Trauma Resolution and Anxiety Resolution to help her students become emotionally healthy and able to handle any emotional situation that may arise.

She is a Spiritual Mentor, Counselor, and Advisor.

Jennifer has also studied the teachings of Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Byron Kati, Debbie Ford, Joe Vitale, Marry Morrissey ,Bob Proctor, Gina Ratliff, and many more, all of which are either scientists, therapists, or Spiritual Teachers. She has also taken classes at the Center For Spiritual Living where Louise Hay began her training.

Her book’s will be released in 2011.