According to many experts in the field of manifestation and attraction, the law of increase states that whatever you’re grateful for - be it time, money or opportunities - you’ll get more of now and in the future.

Everything you appreciate manifests in more quantities as the universe itself expands every second.

The law of increase sounds pretty much like a fairy god mother come true, but how can you harness this power? Are there qualifications? Is there a ritual?

This article shows you 3 easy steps to unlock its potential.

Step 1: Start A Gratitude Journal.

When you start a gratitude journal, you are exercising the law of increase appropriately. It might not be your cup of tea (you can’t even keep your receipts let alone a journal); but if you want to harness this power, then you’ll have to start here.

It’s not all that difficult. And to be quite frank, it’s actually very empowering. Every statement that says you’re grateful for something changes you and makes you a happier person. Each entry raises your vibrational level, where you now complement those vibrations that the universe is at, making your dreams more achievable.

Step 2: Respond To Your Feelings.

The more grateful you are, the more you’ll feel the stirrings of the universe inside you. You know what I mean. When you’re happy and grateful for whatever it is you have achieved, you get a strange sensation starting from the pit of your stomach (or for others, right inside their chest).

Follow these feelings and allow yourself to connect with the universe. Some say they feel tingling along their arms and fingers. Respond to the vibrations that your body is manifesting and wait for more blessings to come down to you.

Step 3: Visualize.

Visualization is also a good way to harness the law of increase. Visualize the things you’re grateful for and the things you want to have more of.

Feel the vibrations humming inside your body. Believe the visions that you are supplying the universe with and wait for it to respond in kind.

Whatever you push out to the universe will be given back to you. So if you’re always grateful for getting positive attention from your boss, then expect to have more of that in the future.

When it comes to the law of increase, nothing is impossible. The universe itself is telling you this, so you have no reason to hold yourself back.

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