The Law of Attraction

Where is my soulmate? This is the question burning in the hearts of frustrated single men and women.
Do soulmates even exist? Do we have more than one? And if they do exist, then why We all tend to attract people into our lives who reflect our unworked issues. Therefore if you have a negative belief system like “I’m not lovable” or “ I don’t deserve happiness” you may find yourself attracted to someone who will eventually reinforce this belief system. Even if he or she appears perfect in the beginning.

Magical, instant connections are truly wonderful and can make you think is is the ‘right’ relationship you have been searching for. And it may be. But if you find the relationship does not stand the test of time, and turns into disappointment and hurt, you may want to look more deeply at it. Perhaps it was ‘right’ or ‘perfect’ but on a different level. Maybe you and your partner created the perfect situation in which a lesson you currently need to learn became obvious. Or, if you believe in past lives, there mayhave been a karmic connection which needed to be worked out.

These types of relationships will not and cannot last because each person is only a vehicle of catharsis for the other. Once the lesson is apparent, and hopefully learned, there is an internal shift and it is time to move one. This is not always done willlingly on both parts and this is where the pain comes in. Learning needed lessons and resolving inner issues through relationships can be effective, but eventually we all reach the point where we just don’t want the pain, muss and fuss anymore.

So what’s the key to stopping the cycle of attracting princes(or princesses) who turned out to just another flawed person pointing out something I needed to learn about myself?
By becoming a Sherlock Holmes of what your inner beliefs about yourself are!

Here are some exercises to help you uncover your negative beliefs. In a calm state reflect back on what were the main messages you received as a child. Messages from parents, teachers, peers, relatives, etc. can be subtle. Perhaps one look from you mother told you you were inadequate or one smirk from your father told you you were fat and unattractive. GO DEEP! Then write down every negative that comes up.

To access the unconscious mind even further, write down at the top of a piece of paper, “I’m Not_____” and then write all the thing that pop into your head. Once you have a list, take a look at all your previous relationships and check for any running themes. Also take note of how you felt about yourself when you first met the person and how it changed over time.

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