Gainswave Therapy is a groundbreaking sexual performance process for male. It uses acoustic waves (low-intensity waves of sound) to treat sexual disorders in men. This therapy is useful even if you suffer from a Peyronie’s disease or ED (Erectile Dysfunction). You must have experienced and qualified medical practitioners for this therapy. Feel free to meet the erection experts at EVRNU for Gainswave therapy.

How Gainswave Therapy works?

This natural treatment is clinically proven. It involves the use of high-frequency shockwaves to improve male sexual function, overall health, and performance. With this non-invasive procedure, you can treat the main reason for erectile dysfunction in men. The therapy targets to increase blood flow, splitting micro-plaque in the penis and release growth factors in tissues forming blood cells.

Gainswave therapy uses high frequency and low-intensity soundwaves for improvement of blood flow in the penis. Therapy follows a special protocol to optimize results in safety and efficacy. After this therapy, you can start a healthy and happy sexual life.

Consequences of Therapy

Gainswave is an innovative procedure to improve male sexual performance. It uses low-intensity sound waves to treat erectile dysfunction. In 6 – 12 sessions of 15 – 20 minutes, you will get these benefits:

• Encourage the discharge of main growth factors in penile tissue. As a result, new blood vessels generate.
• It can split plaque formation in current blood vessels.
• Gainswave activate inactive stem cells that increase the chances of new cell growth
• After increasing the blood flow, the men can experience sustainable, harder and stronger erections.
• This treatment is performed in the office and allows you to enjoy long-lasting results. Make sure to hire a certified Gainswave provider for the best treatment. For this therapy, you must arrive 30 minutes before your treatment to apply a numbing cream. The procedure may take 20 to 30 minutes to complete.

After this therapy, you can immediately resume daily activities. There are 75% chances of positive results after the treatment. The results may vary based on age and medical condition of the patient. Some men experience an unprompted erection within 24 hours. A few patients may take a longer duration to obtain the desired results.

Gainswave Therapy Trends in Kansas City

Men of Kansas City are dealing with a variety of sexual issues. These issues are affecting their comfort and confidence for sexual performance. The situation can be more painful by influencing physical, mental and emotional wellness of a man. To help patients, Gainswave therapy is becoming famous. It is an effective treatment to enhance longevity, necessary sexual performance and to improve libido.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

The inability or difficulty to sustain an erection for sexual performance is ED. Men with erectile dysfunction may struggle to satisfy their spouse during intercourse. It will be difficult for them to satisfy their sexual needs. Gainswave therapy is a reliable solution to this problem.

Low Testosterone and Hormonal Imbalance

Low level of testosterone is associated with decreased sex drive, depression, and change in strength and physical appearance. It can affect the quality of a man’s life. Individual treatments are available for men to restore the proper level of testosterone.
Similarly, hormonal imbalance can decrease libido in female and develop secondary characteristics. With specialized treatment, optimize hormone balance is restored to increase your sexual appetite.

Gainswave Technology

The Gainswave depends on a technology called Extracorporeal shock wave therapy or ESWT. The treatments may refer to LSWT (Linear shockwave therapy). ESWT is famous for treating erectile dysfunction. The procedure needs high-frequency sound waves to repair and open blood vessels in the penis. For vascular erectile dysfunction, ESWT induces neovascularization, corpus spongiosum, and angiogenesis.

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