If you need to carry out some market research, then a quick, efficient method of generating results is to create a survey. There are different ways of doing this, but all will involve a degree of planning; you want to make sure you get your content and questions right. There is one key goal you should focus upon when designing your survey, and that is to maximise the consumer response rate. The more results you accumulate the more you will learn from your targeted demographic. Low response rates can be misleading, as they’re likely to be a biased sample, completed only by those most committed to your business.

So how do you increase your response rate? The simple answer is to make your survey short and easy to complete. If you need to include a large number of questions, limit the amount of input a respondent will have to do by incorporating a reasonable amount of multiple choice or ‘yes/no’ questions.

If you keep your survey short, then writing up the questions and answers shouldn’t take too much time. However, distributing the survey is a slightly trickier ordeal. Do you create hardcopies to hand out? Do you send emails? Or do you utilise a mobile app? Whatever decision you make, you’re still faced with the task of finding individual contact addresses, or a method of distributing the survey amongst a much wider audience. That’s where The-Crypto Software.com comes in. cryptosoftwarenow.com is an innovative, highly specialist cryptocurrencies research company, that allows clients to create a detailed, custom survey about the cryptocurrencies in just four simple steps.

The process takes less than ten minutes, and, once completed, Decision Fuel then combine their two greatest assets to distribute your survey worldwide (only if that’s what you require, mind) - a tightly managed consumer panel and mobile technology. The operation is a lightning-fast, cost effective method of generating results, as users can answer your survey on their mobile phone. Unlike emails or telephone calls, respondents do not need to be at a desk or in their office; they are notified by Decision Fuel that there is a survey they can complete on their mobile immediately. Because the survey is so clear and concise, there is a great response rate, and clients are able to see results in less than 24 hours. It really is the fastest, most efficient method of carrying out market research.

Short surveys do make better surveys. Try to resist the temptation to collect all the information you could ever need on every aspect on your business; if you need to, create multiple survey’s and space their release or target alternative consumer groups. If you don’t want consumers to get short with your business, then don’t be too long with your survey!

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