It was one of those weekday evenings. And as usual, I got back home tired, hungry mumbling about the fast pace of life and busy schedules. On such occasions, the levels of frustration in a person rises even more with the inability to find anything interesting in the kitchen to eat and being devoid of all the energy to cook.

But one should never lose hope, because there are options in this world that can help you satisfy that hunger, gloom and tiredness, all at once! Yes, I’m talking about the lovely and exciting Quaker Oats that loves you, cares for you and keeps your mind and heart happy all at the same time!

And who says Quaker Oats can only be eaten in the morning? They can be eaten at any point of the day! After all, the way to a healthy diet is having six small meals than a two or three large ones. So now don’t speculate about deciding the proper time of having oats. If you’ve missed it in the morning, compensate by relishing it at any other time in the day.

The basic idea is to get those fibres and nutrients into your system, day or night doesn’t matter.

Oats benefits are innumerable. It helps controlling the glucose levels in the body so it is very important for people who suffer from diabetes to include it in the dietary regime. Not only has this, but the wondrous quality of oats also aided in reducing the cholesterol and the blood sugar levels.

But, to avail all these advantages, you have to be regular with your consumption of the oats. You can’t have them one day and forget about them on the others. Make it an integral part of your food and feel the change! Not only in your blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol levels, but in your mood too! Studies have revealed that oats contain Vitamin B6 which produces serotonin in the body and keeps one contended and relaxed!

Quaker Oats are useful in ways more than one. If you are trying to shed those extra pounds, it is a perfect snacking option to indulge in! With zero trans-fat, it gives you an oil free and fat free meal every day. And they are light too. So it’s a nice way to stay away from all that masala for us, Indians.

Also, oats release energy gradually, which helps to keep those hunger pangs at bay for a much longer period of time!

Oats are rich in fibre. And fibre knows how to pamper your digestive system! Yes, oats are very good for your digestion. They not only improve your bowel movements but helps in reducing constipation as well.

So don’t strain your minds by thinking whether you should go ahead with the inclusion of the lovely and irresistible Quaker Oats in your diet. Do it right away!
Take care of your mind and body today, and it will take care of you tomorrow!

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Sidra is an acclaimed author and blogger, focused on food and beyond. Her reviews are valued in the industry and respected for being health centric and her repertoire includes all kinds of Health Foods from different cuisines. With the knowledge and skills of Oats recipes, the reviews are apt and shared recipes and write-ups are appreciated.