Before you begin merchant onboarding, you should understand that any due diligence process you may have in place to verify their capabilities, ethics, financial stability and reputation are insufficient to draw a real conclusion. Now, that isn’t a critique on your capabilities to research any given business, it’s simply a byproduct of the information age. Obviously, you need to know your business, but you should use a company verification service to ensure this. Allow us to explain why.

First of all, researching a company based on social media, public feedback and so forth on the Internet is a bit of a double-edged blade. Sure, there’s plenty of feedback on just about everything online, but human nature is a real problem when it comes to being an anonymous keyboard warrior. Human nature and simple psychology result in a lot of people being unfairly negative online. People overreact to the slightest thing, or react to literal nothing simply because they are in a bad mood. Again, this is just human nature and we as a species can’t help ourselves. Unfortunately, that means that you have to take everything you read online with a grain of salt, and that includes even within professional domains.

Second of all, to get a true insight on any given business, you need information that is not that easy to get, despite being technically publicly available, and you need specialists whose entire profession is forming models and forecasts based on all of this information in very complex and relational ways.

So, before beginning merchant onboarding, we should have a verification company do some research to make sure you know your business. They can give you a very real insight on any given company through obtaining certain government records, financial records, insight from previous partners, customers and employees, a lot of other additional business intelligence and insight, you name the information, they will get it unless it is actually sealed by court order. Even in that case, business verification companies can often get through court ordered seals to provide even more important insight.

Once they have all of this information, they can model trends with the company, get a good idea of what their business ethics and corporate culture are, provide very vital forecasts on what you should expect from any given company before you even entertain the idea of working with them.

In the past, this was left largely to chance beyond the cursory research that used to be possible. In closing, there is one major other side effect of the information age that such a company can spare you from, and that is the very real danger of guilt by association. A company may have cultivated a bad reputation either justifiably or unfairly, and that same human nature of negativity can result in them conflating you with the same cause of this poor reputation should work get out that you are working with such a business. This can do permanent, very serious damage to your own reputation through no fault of your own. With a verification company you can avoid this lock stock and barrel!


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