Facebook affects you in many ways. This post explains six of those ways.

Facebook has over two billion users. That is one-third of the planet. All those people can’t be wrong about the importance of Facebook in our life.

By the time you are done reading, you may find more uses for Facebook other than the ways you currently use the popular social media site.

If you are not using Facebook at all, you may get ideas for using Facebook you didn’t think of before reading this review.

Facebook Helps You Run Your Businesses and Communicate

You can learn about the consequences of Facebook's October 2021 outage here: https://www.mostlyblogging.com/facebook-keeps-stopping/.

Facebook keeps stopping and it went down again this month. Both the eCommerce and communications sectors were crippled.

This shows that there are more Facebook advantages than we previously knew. People who rely on income using Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp (all owned by Facebook) lost untold amounts of money.

Facebook’s outage proved SO detrimental to businesses that people are predicting more social media sites will develop that serve the same functions as Facebook.

Facebook alternatives are needed. MeWe has branded itself as a Facebook alternative, but clearly, we need more.

Due to Facebook’s closure, Facebook proved itself to be more important than ever.

Facebook Protects You From Misinformation and Bullying Content

Will Your Content Be Censored at Facebook?

My answer is that it depends on the site. For instance, Facebook and Twitter are censored. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg takes down misinformation related to Covid. When Facebook’s algorithms detect bullying and racism, the offender ends up in Facebook Jail. More information about Facebook Jail can be found here: https://www.mostlyblogging.com/how-to-get-out-of-facebook-jail/

We know Twitter is censored since Twitter’s Jack Dorsey censored Trump’s tweets and shut down his account.

In contrast, MeWe isn’t censored. The social media site has a new CEO. In a recent interview, David Lydell expressed a “hands-off” view when it comes to censorship. More information about MeWe can be found in this MeWe review. More information about MeWe can be found here: https://www.mostlyblogging.com/mewe-review-facebook-alternative/

Sites like Parler aren’t censored either. In fact, Parler was shut down for a while after the U.S. Presidential Election because of content on the site deemed inappropriate by Amazon, Google, and Apple.

Facebook Cheers You Up
Content isn’t all negative on Facebook. Many people post uplifting thoughts like good vibes quotes on Facebook, but friends and family couldn’t see their loved ones’ newest Facebook status. Here are examples of good vibes quotes found on Facebook: https://www.mostlyblogging.com/good-vibes-quotes/

As a content marketer, I found Facebook groups enormously helpful for promoting my blog posts when I started blogging. These are the Facebook groups I used to market my content: https://www.mostlyblogging.com/facebook-groups/

Wrapping Up: Importance of Facebook in Our Life
Whether you are a hobby blogger, a marketer, or someone who wants to stay in touch with friends and family, you can’t deny the importance of Facebook in our life.

Are there more ways Facebook is important in our life? I look forward to your views in the comment section.

Please share so people are aware of the importance of Facebook in our life and can use Facebook to its fullest potential.

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