The importance of online learning has never been felt more! Whilst schools and educational institutions shut down during the Coronavirus pandemic, the world of learning and education is struggling to keep the process of teaching and learning on. Some of the schools are trying to provide online classes and lectures to their students but it isn't proving to be much effective as the system isn't completely ready.

Here is an excerpt on the importance and advantages of online learning. Give it a read to find out!

Advantages of Online Learning

Be it providing education to every student, sitting in any corner of the world, to providing cost-effective learning solutions, online education comes with a large number of advantages. When utilized in the best way, learning can bring remarkable benefits to learners. It is not only a good solution for higher education aspirants but helps K-12 students as well. Below are some of the exceptional advantages for students, teachers, and schools.

• Access to All: In order to pursue a specific course, students may have to relocate to a different city. This is where online education gets an edge over traditional methods of teaching and courses. Learning online lets you study any course from any part of the world. There are various countries that do not let women access and acquire education. Such women can study whatever they want to while sitting in their homes. Hence, online education gives everyone an equal opportunity to learn and develop their skills.

• Flexibility and Comfort: Students who are sharp and quick learners may find it comfortable and easy in a school environment. This is not the case for everyone. Many students, may, in fact, end up feeling demotivated and disheartened because of the competition. Online learning makes it easier for students to learn the way they want without feeling any kind of pressure. In addition, it also cuts to the cost of commute and travel. They can also make a schedule as per their comfort and learn at their own pace rather than running to be the frontrunner. But yes, it is also necessary to not sideline learning just to be in your comfort zone.

• A Huge Repository of Topics: At times, students may not be able to get enrolled in a particular school or course. Online learning provides a huge repository of topics from varied domains. This allows learners to get access to a large number of subject matters they want to study. Online learning is not a great tool only for higher education students, but school students can benefit from it as well. While a student may not be able to understand a topic at the school, they can view an online video or course and develop a better understanding. Speaking of higher education, students can get a certificate in a particular course or even apply for an academic degree.

• A Cost-Effective Solution: Be it attending a school, or taking tuitions, all traditional methods of teaching are quite expensive in comparison to online methods of teaching and learning. Hence, students can get enrolled in as many courses as they like and get skilled. Some of the educational content creators provide free content for learning to help anyone and everyone out there. It's not that traditional methods aren't effective but online learning is good for those who cannot afford expensive courses and schools.

• During the Times of Emergency: The world is going through a really bad phase right now. Coronavirus pandemic has led to the shutdown of major industries and institutions. This is affecting the world of education as learning has stopped. And hence, resorts like online learning come to the rescue. While some schools and institutes are trying their best to deliver online lectures, parents are using videos and educational apps to keep the spirit of learning alive. Such times of emergency make online learning an essential tool in the world of education and learning.

Understanding the Importance of Online Learning

There is no competition between the traditional methods of teaching and online learning. But analyzing the current situation and advantages of online learning, it is very important that schools and educational institutes find ways to incorporate the method to keep the process of learning and teaching going. Whilst some schools are trying to provide online lectures to students, the outcome is not very effective as they weren't ready beforehand.

It's not that online learning will replace schools and universities but a robust system can help these institutions to provide education in the most difficult times. Especially for the K-12 category, it has now become crucial for schools to fortify their online learning system (learning management software).

There is no denying that plenty of educational (School management apps) companies are present out there, but if schools do not take the right steps, then parents and students may end up losing their faith and interest. Hence, schools need to add online learning to their curricula in order to be prepared in all sorts of situations.

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Jitender kumar a Chief Manager Development and Content Strategist for CampusCare (school management software) at Entab, he is a former school public relations specialist who's helped businesses and schools since the year 2000, and has been working closely with schools to fulfil their goals and aspirations