What is yoga?

Yoga originated in India years ago as a technique to connect mind, body and soul. It is the path to peace, oneness and awareness.

What is Bikram yoga?

Bikram Choudhury derived a new form of yoga from the ancient hatha yoga known as Bikram yoga and it gained momentum in 1970s. It is a series of positions practiced in an organized way in a hot temperature and high humidity in order to rejuvenate and reinforce the body.

History of Bikram yoga

In1946, Bikram took birth in Calcutta. When he was four years old, he started learning yoga from Bishnu Ghosh. When he turned 17, he had a major injury in his knee and doctors in Europe thought that he would never be able to walk on his own. But yoga miraculously healed his knee in the next 6 months, making him understand the importance of Bikram yoga; a series of 26 postures and the two breathing techniques.

He developed the system entirely and wanted to spread this technique throughout the world. Subsequently the yoga college of Bikram was founded in India and helped all those who had been suffering from different maladies and the long term pain sufferers.

In order to gain benefit from anything there should be devotion, dedication and it should be done correctly. For that you need to consult the professeurs de yoga and they guide you to achieve hundred per cent results. There are instructors of yoga who have been trained and certified and are the ones you need to look for and for that you have a good number of centre de yoga, where you are sure to find something that meets your requirements.

What is a yoga studio?

Any place or room assigned specifically for instruction of yoga is referred to as a yoga studio. Its structure can vary from a single room to a number of classrooms with props and temperature settings. They might be focused on a particular type of yoga or may provide multiple cours de yoga. The intention is to meet the demand and need of all the learners.

Key features of Bikram yoga

1. Heat: the temperature of the room is increased to bring about more sweating as muscles warm up, flexibility increases reducing the risk of injuries. A larger number of calories are burned aiding in weight loss.
2. Detoxification and perspiration: Bikram yoga helps remove toxins on both surface and deeper levels by sweating dirt from pores and excreting wastes from kidney and liver respectively.
3. Bringing focus through breath: the environment of the room is challenging, compelling the mind to focus which can be done with the help of deep breathing.

Benefits of Bikram yoga:

1. Toxins are flushed out of the body due to sweating.
2. Helps in weight loss.
3. Blood flow is improved in the body.
4. Muscle tissues receive oxygen better.
5. Flexibility increases.
6. Relief in a backache.
7. The mood is improved.
8. Concentration increases as well as sharpness of the brain increases.
9. Blood pressure is maintained.

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