Azadi Radio aka Radio Liberty was first established on 1 October 1958 when Soviets invaded Afghanistan. It aimed to transmit uncensored news to Afghan peoples. Later in 2001, the US Military took it when they gained control over the country. However, before in 1993, the Soviet Union stopped it. In 1990, the network was affected for many times by the war. After that, when the Taliban took over, they named it Shariat Ghagh. That time, it was used for rallying and gathering the forces in their cause. After that, it was again damaged heavily by the Taliban; they tried to destroy the tapes of radio archives.

The channel got so many ownerships, and thus its content for transmission has also varied throughout the time.
Apart from Azadi Radio and Radio Liberty, it is also called Radio Free Afghanistan. It is a member of the Voice of America Program and Radio Free Europe, and they sponsor it as well. 100.5 FM broadcasts 12 hours of live telecast. It started its first show during Soviet-Era, but it was shut down due to some reason and then revived again in 2002.

It works at both AM and FM frequency bands. It transmits a mix of information, cultural and political programs. Its mission is to spread factual news and ideas about the state and its locals. Initially, it used to telecast eight times for month for just 30 minutes. Online Streaming of Azadi Radio 100.5 FM available here.

All the tapes and content of radio archives were ordered to destroy by Taliban in the Taliban Era. But somehow, they survived the order because the Taliban destroyed the wrong tapes. A hero, who saved the tapes said there were around fifty thousand tapes; not all of them were spared though. Later, they rose again from ashes in 2002 in the same building.

Most people who listen to this radio are Afghan people; especially the youth Afghani.

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