Dear SelfGrowth Friends,

Each new moon, I receive a vision and channel an accompanying message from the spiritual OverLight of the portal. The energetics of the image are explained, as well as the spiritual work that can be accomplished by going deep within the portal during meditation - or willfully visualizing the image. Although I have not painted in over forty years, I am guided and humbled to bring this information to others. They are, indeed, powerful openings to Light.

A few days ago the New Moon of May portal opened, providing us with an opportunity to look deep within and fully realize the power of our words. Although images are not made available here, you are invited to see this portal at the website listed below.

We are being asked to examine how we communicate not only with others but also with ourselves. We are urged to speak our Truth from the Heart Center, and we are reminded of just how powerful we are as co-creators using our words!

An interesting aspect in the creation of this portal was the presence of David. He appeared wearing gladiator gear, complete with leather-strapped sandals, full leather skirt/apron and silver studded breast shield. His face was surprisingly round with soft features and crowned with brown curly hair; but the softness ended there, as he delivered his message with an urgency and a matter-of-fact tone. Important spiritual business, to be sure. David's Star in the center was the final imprint which completed and energized the portal.

As always, know that I am deeply grateful for our connection and my being able to share this spiritual work. I am reminded to tell you that what I portray has no attachment to any particular denomination. As a spiritual counselor and Reiki Master, I embrace others for their True Nature and whatever path they are on. . . . and religous affiliations are entirely personal.

I welcome you to read the entire channeled message to fully experience this unique HeartSpeak portal. We are urged to shift now, as the ascension energies are prompting our remembrance of our part as co-creators of the universe. And, it is vital that we truly understand the power of our words.

If you are motivated by this message,I encourage you to go to the 2010 portals page of my website. You are welcome to sign the guestbook and even become a member, if you feel so inclined. Even if, for some reason, you do not align with this month's portal, I wish you the awareness of the words that bind all of your relationships and the power of your own innermost thoughts- the words unspoken.

Enjoy a blessed day!

Serving in Love, Light & Joy-- Linda Carter Backes

Author's Bio: 

Linda Carter Backes is a spiritual author, consultant, and Reriki Master. She opened A Radiant Life Center for Body, Mind & Spirit in Charlotte, North Carolina and currently she is editing her book about spiritually gifted children, due to be published this summer.
Linda offers Light Body Activations, Reiki sessions as well as training, and long distance, intuitive readings. Soon she will be offering her spiritual coaching program, after the publication of her latest book.
You are welcome to contact her via her website at: