We have an opportunity during the energy enveloping us each new new moon,
to put forth our intetentions of what exactly it is we want to manifest in our lives.

Much is said about the the fact that, indeed, we are the creators of our lives and the Universe.
We are urged spiritually to fully embrace our power and also to be careful what we wish for!

When we look deeply into our familiy, relationships, our jobs and our surroundings, we realize that we have made choices along our journey that have resulted in a life which is either what we desire or, perhaps, what we most need to further our spiritual development.

Knowing we are powerful co-creators of the Universe, the channeled message from AA Gabriel and the Elementals reminds us that we have not only a choice but also a responsiblilty to create from the Heart Space of the God Source. From Divine Source, in alignment with our truth and integrity, all we will create will ensure the New World is the Eden to which we long to return.

You are invited to see the Heart's Creation Portal image, along with the complete channelled message on the Energetic Portal Page of A Radiant Life Center for Body, Mind & Spirit: www.lindabackes.com

Author's Bio: 

Linda Carter Backes is a Reiki Master/Teacher, channel, spiritual consultant and facilitator for the Galactic Council of the Order of Melchezadek.

Her website offers all sorts of spiritual tools and advice on balancing Body, Mind & Spirit.