The health benefits of garlic... Please remember that even if the shop or provider is absolutely certain of the benefits the herb or supplement can give you they are not allowed by law to state it as a fact. They have to say something like "may reduce cholesterol".

The main advantage seen with garlic is usually about cholesterol. You can take it for a month and find that it soon leads to your cholesterol dropping, even if your diet is exactly the same otherwise. You will have a better heart and be less likely to suffer from a stroke. I myself have also found it helped in another way. I had fatty tissue in one breast, the doctor could not explain why, but it was harder and lumpier than the other. I took garlic and within a month it was the same as the other, soft and pliable and "normal".

You can get garlic in many different forms apart from buying it and cooking it. You do need to be sure that the supplement actually works though. I take 5000mg a day, which is considered a high dose, it it only costs a little more than a much lower dose and it does the trick for me.

How did it help me? Well I did want to prevent a stroke or heart problems but I was trying it in a desperate attempt to get rid of my sinus/nose/ear and headache/migraine problems I kept getting which were crippling me and making it hard for me to do anything, including basic functions, let alone going out or work. Within a month of taking the garlic my hayfever and allergies were all cleared up and the ears unblocked, which led to no headaches.

However, one word of caution. I have found that if I take this dose every day for a month or so I will start to get slight headaches and some confusion and forgetfulness, then if I stop taking it for a few days and start again all is right as rain. Please do not let this worry you as for some reason it is usually women who get this side effect and only a small percentage get it anyway. Other uses for it are
to ward off moths, to get rid of fleas on dogs and cats.

Onions can help you a lot too but when people wish to buy supplements garlic is what is avalable. In the UK people are loathe to spend their own money on a supplement when they can get the usual things from the doctor for free so they have to feel it will really benefit them before they actually spend money on it.

Yes it is tasty and it can be delicious in your food. And it can be nice as a flavouring. I have heard of garlic ice cream, though I do not fancy it, and I have also heard of
garlic mashed potatoes which I make quite often.
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