Defined as actions initiated by cyber criminals with the malicious objective of reaching computer systems or stealing private data, cyber attacks or computer attacks are a real threat to businesses, communities and healthcare establishments. It can be transmitted from anywhere in the world, as the cybersecurity analyst in Los Angeles suggests; malware, ransomware, phishing and spearphishing attempts can rampage at any time to infiltrate your structure and cripple your business.

Why Do Hackers Spread Cyber Attacks?

Even if the main motivation remains financial with the ransom demand, the resale of private data, or even obtaining bank details, some hackers may be motivated by other interests. Thus, we can cite the desire to paralyze a structure's activity, obtain confidential data, or expose to the public information unknown until then.

Much more than rare events, cyber attacks spare no one and spread like a virus. So for the security of your structure and its data, do not wait any longer to protect yourself and contact a cybersecurity analyst in Los Angeles!

The key role of humans in IT security

When we talk about cyber attacks, it is impossible not to mention the different vectors used. It is the means of the route by which a cyber criminal will succeed in spreading a virus and reaching your computer or your computer system. But beware, these can take many forms.

Among the most widespread, we can count:

• The use of applications and web browsing
• Computer systems operation
• The remote connection
• The mobile data
• Physical intrusion
• Social engineering

Still little known, social engineering represents the practice of manipulation to obtain information from a person. At the heart of cyberattacks such as phishing or spearphishing, social engineering relies on the lack of vigilance and lack of knowledge of the people targeted.

Therefore, the best way to protect yourself is to train your users to detect cyber attacks and the cyber reflexes to adopt. Once sensitized and prepared to identify and counter hackers' attempts, your teams will actively participate in the protection of your structure's data. Because raising your employees' awareness represents 50% of the effort to fight against phishing, it should no longer be neglected.

So if you want to train your employees to detect phishing attempts while allowing them to understand the mechanisms of these threats better, do not wait any longer and contact a cybersecurity analyst in Los Angeles.

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