For those who enjoy their lives for most part of the time, life is just too short and not enough.

For those who are suffering in life, the emotions that come with it are just too painful and life is just too long and not worth living.

We are not born to be happy.

Be it as it may, our purpose in life is to seek happiness and along the way, we need good advice and clear pointers to help us find our way and head in the right direction.

Every one of us must find our own way to salvation and the road to happiness is paved with obstacles and stumbling blocks. We need to see and read the road signs to carefully navigate sharp curves and steep slopes that can throw us off the road.

The vagaries of life are such that people who want the best things in life ends up disillusioned and not able to turn around or pick themselves up. The ones who are more successful are usually able to see things clearly and manage their emotions better.

Emotion is equal to the Mind x Change in Thought. It is a validation of Einstein's equation E = MC2. Change is constant and our mind is always a work-in-progress.

Our destiny is fluid and not carved in stone and this is only true if we learned the lessons life is teaching us. We can and should see the forest and the trees in our minds' eyes and not cloud it with fear, pessimism and negativity. Our vision is only as clear as our emotion, good or bad. A clear mind opens up possibilities in the horizon and creates visions of our future. We need to be an optimist to see solutions to problems and not a pessimist who complicate matters through overthinking and negative thoughts.

Here lies the irony. We hope for the best and expect the worst. Life is either too short or too long depending on who you ask.

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A freelance consultant of Chinese Metaphysics and practitioner of mindfullness through Feng Shui and the Four Pillars of Destiny.