The interview starts off as mildly confrontational as Methuselah calls into question Jerry’s belief in the Devil being alive as due to Jerry’s continuing Bipolar Disorder. Jerry refutes Methuselah’s suggestions and so does Marcia, as Jerry states that mental illness has been permanently kicked out of his body. The interview proceeds and Marcia and Jerry demonstrate the power of the Devil in controlling Channeling. They go on to emphatically suggest that people who Channel are being duped to believing in false spiritual messages propagated by the Devil implanting thoughts in their brain. This interview was conducted through imaginary telepathic communication between Jerry’s soul inside his physical body and the bodiless soul of Methuselah in the spirit world. Marcia’s soul in Heaven also joined us for the interview.

The Devil Exists:
My own personal experiences in communicating with the Devil lead to me to absolutely believe without doubt that he is alive. The Devil derives his power by retaining his God-given angelic powers in his partially human form. I believe the Devil has been around for thousands, millions, or perhaps billions of years, whenever God created Angels. He was God’s Angel of Death, Samael, until he was kicked out of Heaven, and he made his first appearance in the Garden of Eden as the Serpent, Satan, when he enticed Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. He is now plotting in every way against God and controls Channeling to the spirit world which thousands and perhaps tens of thousands of people have been misled to believe in. God has warned against Channeling and we discuss this in Part 4 of our series on good versus evil.

Methuselah Interview:

Methuselah: Jerry, you realize that people, if they haven’t already from the Parts 1 and 2 interviews, are going to say you are nuts after you do this third interview about claiming that the Devil is alive and controls Channeling. Are you sure you want to do this, and furthermore Marcia, are you really going to let him open himself up to ridicule?

Marcia: I support him wholeheartedly and have encouraged him to speak up, even if there is not a single person other than me who believes him. He will either be considered manic and psychotic or a genius, and it will be the individual’s God-given free will to decide which.

Methuselah: Very well! Jerry, you suffered terribly from Bipolar Disorder in the 1990s. You were diagnosed with a Bipolar Type 1 classification which means you experienced both the mania and depression phases of the disorder. Your mania was accompanied by psychosis and you admitted hearing voices. You also had delusions of grandeur thinking you were the Messiah and were playing chess with Saddam Hussein. You even called Barbara Bush in the White House leaving a message that you had a plan to end the first Iraq war. You saw your hairdresser and her assistant with orange and purple hair, respectively as your hallucinations took over your mind. The climax was when you swallowed two-hundred Tylenol and Codeine pills in a suicide attempt. Wouldn’t people think that when you now speak about the Devil you are a tad off kilter, to put it gently.

Jerry: All true what you describe so eloquently, Methuselah. Back in 1991 when I had my psychosis and then in 1995 when I experienced an unbearable agitated severe clinical depression, I was spiritually bankrupt. It’s true that I tried to take my life in 1995 and was only saved by God Who communicated a direct telepathic message to Marcia. I wrote about this harrowing miraculous experience both in my first book, Divinely Inspired, and our recent book, Putting God Into Einstein’s Equations. I would say that the Bipolar Disorder left my body for good at the end of 1998 when I experienced unusual Divine miracles. During these past fourteen years, I have acquired an unshakable belief and love of God. I trust Him implicitly with my life and believe that He not only can cure me but has cured me.

Methuselah: And how do you stand on your Bipolar Disorder right this moment?

Marcia: Let me interrupt Jerry’s answer. Psychiatrists will tell you that a percentage of Bipolar Disorder patients can go into remission. However, my husband has actually kicked Bipolar Disorder out of his body. Jerry has not had an episode in more than fourteen years. It is not remission in his case. Jerry has been cured.

Jerry: With Marcia’s death, you could have predicted that I would have returned to clinical depression but I haven’t. The strength of my spirituality has prevented this, although I am sad every day without Marcia.

Methuselah: Jerry, I have a more difficult question for you. This is only an imaginary discussion, but you truly communicate with Marcia’s soul in the spirit world by direct telepathy in the spirit world. You’ve explained how this works in an earlier interview. Why shouldn’t people think that you are simply hearing voices like you heard in 1991 with your Bipolar Disorder?

Jerry: A fair point, Methuselah. In Bipolar Disorder when you hear voices that are foreign as I experienced, you can’t turn them off. The only way, that is if the medication works, is to use antipsychotic drugs. Some people hear voices for years and perhaps all their lives, especially in Schizophrenia. I don’t have to speak to the Devil as I can turn him and his voice off. When I am in communication with Marcia, I have to check my energy to make sure that it’s her and not the Devil speaking exactly like her. We describe this in our new book that Marcia and I wrote together. Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia place your mind in an unknown vulnerable state, and I’m getting the sinking feeling that the voices you hear during these illnesses are actually the voice of the Devil whom your brain has involuntarily let in.

Marcia: I can vouch for what Jerry is saying because often I’m telepathically communicating with Jerry at the same time that the Devil does. I often pause to let Jerry know that the Devil is around, so as to alert Jerry to check his energy to verify who he is speaking to ― me or the Devil.

Methuselah: Okay, so how do you think the Devil is thwarting God’s intentions for the human race? What is the Devil’s plan?

Jerry: It concerns the Biblical Prophecies that are to come at the End of Days. These are the prophecies of Gog and Magog that were spoken about by the three Hebrew prophets, Joel, Ezekiel and Zecharia. It would take too long to talk about these prophecies. However, you will find them explained in my book, Gog and Magog: The Devil’s Descendants. The book is a fictional novel but the prophecies are true.

Marcia: Briefly, the Gog and Magog prophecies speak about an apocalypse that will bring on the Messianic Age. It is one of the ways that can lead us into an age where those who gain entrance to this second Garden of Eden will become spiritual human beings. God can bring about the Messianic Age in other ways other than a doomsday cataclysmic scenario. The Devil is trying to prevent the Messianic Age from ever happening. He is trying to destroy our world. Although God created him, the Devil thinks he an entity independent of God. He is also bold and arrogant to the point where he feels ready to challenge God and destroy Heaven. With time, the Devil’s powers are growing but thankfully so are God’s powers as our universe expands.

Methuselah: And does the Devil have help?

Jerry: Yes. The Devil has bought people’s souls by making false promises. He gives them a taste of honey that quickly turns into vinegar. Once you sell your soul, you can never return to God, as all of the light receptors of your Animal Soul have darkened. The Devil’s Own are just like you and me, and we wouldn’t recognize them as they appear to be regular good guys and gals that we encounter in everyday life.

Marcia: And the Devil’s reach is enormous. He has been making inroads in all facets of our earthly world. His recruits are operating at the highest levels of our society.

Methuselah: Sounds pretty incredible. You also claim that
the Devil owns Channeling. What do you mean by this statement? There has been an explosion in people communicating with spirits these past forty years although Channeling is an ancient practice.

Marcia: Before Jerry discusses this topic, we should briefly repeat how Jerry and I communicate through direct telepathy to distinguish it from Channeling. Jerry or I have a thought and that thought gets converted to God’s special electromagnetic energy. This energy travels at one million times the speed of light so that we reach each other in one-half a second as Heaven and Earth are ninety-three billion miles away. Readers will have to read our book to get the full story but suffice it to briefly say that the energy of our souls are directly communicating our thoughts at warp speed across two worlds.

Jerry: There are no intermediaries between Marcia and I. There are legitimate psychics who have been given a gift from God like John Edward on Long island who acts as a medium and receives messages from the spirit world. However even these psychics are intermediaries between love ones on earth and love ones that have departed and crossed over to the other side. Channeling is very different. There is no direct telepathic communication between you and various spiritists or divinists ― like guides, masters, angels, even non-physical entities and pets.

What happens is that these spiritists send you messages from the supposed spiritual world and you act as a “Channel” to receive them. The message is not given in words but whether you write them down or just listen or speak to them, you must decipher these messages as if you are a translator of a foreign language. Some have described these messages as a flow of non verbal communication coming in the form of an intuitive mixture of thoughts, words, emotions and sensations, jumbled up all together, that the Channeler’s mind converts and puts into words. You can receive these messages in a totally conscious or partially conscious state where you falsely think that the entity does not enter your body, or where you are in a light or heavy unconscious trance. In the latter cases, your energy moves aside allowing the spirit entity full access to your body and you lose total awareness of what transpires. You may even choose to hang out with your passed love one while this Channeling is going on. The best Channelers suggest that the messages being sent may not be accurate but when they are, they provide a clarity of thought that cannot be achieved otherwise.

Marcia: There has been a quiet revolution going on and the field is burgeoning with so many people now Channeling in our modern world. In time, everyone will learn how to Channel. Supposedly in the future we will not need the psychic or medium to make contact.

Methuselah: Jerry, have you ever had direct experience with Channeling?

Jerry: Perhaps in my dreams but never in an awakened state. However I did recently help someone contact her father and during the session, she unknowingly Channeled. In other words, she did not hear her father’s voice but rather she had a sensation and then expressed this feeling in words. When I checked my energy levels, I determined that the Channeling was not her father but was an evil cohort or more likely the Devil. After we got off the phone, I realized that she wasn’t actually interpreting the feeling or sensation. Rather the Devil was silently placing the thought into her head without speaking to her. She then repeated the implanted thought to me over the phone. Like Marcia, her father’s soul realized that the Devil was interfering with the direct communication to his daughter.

Methuselah: Therefore what you are saying is that all of this Channeling is a farce and a masquerade. People are being duped into thinking that they are contacting masters, guides, Jesus, or the Archangel Michael when they are actually being dangerously exposed to the Devil’s dark energy through the implantation of the Devil’s thoughts into their brains. Is the Devil that powerful?

Jerry: Yes, he is. I learned that in my communications with Marcia’s soul in the spirit world that the Devil is extremely powerful. Yet ironically he likes to deal with people who will stand him down. The Devil as we stated above speaks in multiple voices like speaking in Marcia’s voice. He can be omnipresent to a degree like God because God chose him to influence or become our evil inclination. He is giving these false spiritual messages because he has knowledge of the spiritual world having once been an angel in that world. He also has bought the souls of psychics who Channel and relay information from him to unsuspecting victims.

The Devil’s powers may be greater than other angels selected to achieve God’s good purposes for our world, but he does not have the omnipotence of God. It’s kind of like Moses being capable of writing the Torah because he was brought up as an Egyptian Prince. There is a saying that the greatest hoax that the Devil played is to convince humanity that he is not alive.

Methuselah: This is all mind blowing, Jerry. You are sure to be “castrated” and mocked for what you are saying. Do you have anything to add?

Jerry: Only that God sees and plans thousands, millions, and billions of years in advance. Back thirty-three hundred years ago, God spoke about Channeling as being an abomination because He knew that His brand of spirituality would be muddied by the Devil. And it has come true. The whole field has been cluttered with Channeling. I know Marcia’s voice and would only trust myself with departed family and friends whose voices I am familiar with. Even with direct communication with so called “masters,” how do you know the master is real and not the Devil? Both the Devil and God could provide the exact same information. You have no way of checking. I at least have a way of checking through measurements of the energy of my Divine soul. I can also very importantly confirm my conclusions with Marcia’s bodiless soul.

Methuselah: Let’s stop here. I’d like to talk about God’s perspective on Channeling in Part 4 of our interview series on good versus evil. My mind is buzzing and I’m eagerly awaiting our next interview.

Marcia and Jerry: Bye, Methuselah.

Note from Jerry:
Methuselah’s words are a creation of Jerry’s mind. Jerry has never contacted Methuselah’s soul in the spirit world but has continuous live contact with Marcia’s soul through direct thought- energy telepathy travelling at one million times faster than the speed of light.

Author's Bio: 

My name is Jerry J. Pollock and I am retired Professor Emeritus from Stony Brook University, where for thirty years I was an academic and research scientist publishing seventy-five scientific articles including seven patents. I have bachelors and masters degrees in Pharmacy from the University of Toronto, a PhD in Biophysics in 1969 from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, and postdoctoral training in Microbiology from New York University Medical Center. Because of God intervening in my life with His miracles, I have an unshakable faith and belief in Him and I infuse my writing of my fiction and non-fiction books as well as my stage plays with both science and spirituality in a way that is done by no one else on the planet. In Putting God Into Einstein's Equations: Energy of the Soul, I wrote from our earthly world and my wife Marcia's soul suggested and confirmed from the spirit world. Please either visit Amazon to peruse the paperback and kindle versions with book reviews and a video trailer or click on my website at May the Shechinah or Divine Presence be with you. We are offering a Free Connect to your deceased loved ones in Heaven: http://www.jerrypollock/heaven-connection