Effective salespeople in the world of business to business sales all have specific factors in common. They not only have excellent sales techniques, they also thoroughly understand the business arena. But perhaps more importantly they have researched their customers business and his specific needs and goals. It is not enough in modern enterprise just to have an excellent knowledge about your own products and services. An excellent selling technique calls for a holistic knowledge and experience of the whole business environment.

Tailor your pitch to the business concerned

So you know your company’s products and services back to front, you have all your props and your presentation on how your product is streets ahead of all its competitors. Fine, but unless that presentation and pitch takes into account your prospective client’s individual goals and aspirations you are lost. It needs to be adapted to take these factors into consideration. Where possible, research the background of the business. The company’s website will offer plenty of information about where they stand within their industry, what kind of services and products they offer, who their possible target market is. Perhaps there are past records in the office of previous contacts, or maybe information can be gleaned from direct contact acting as a customer.

Size is important

There is a vast difference between the needs and goals of a small start up business and a corporate concern or global enterprise. For instance a one man localised business is going to need a different approach to a company with bases all over the country. Also the size of a business will determine how your product is actually used by the prospective client. If you understand the needs of sector you will be well on your way to being able to integrate the overall concerns of the company into your pitch.

Sales staff should understand the Business Arena

If sales staff are trained in the language of business they will not only be aware of the goals and needs of the company they will also be able to take a step into their business world and comprehend how the product will fit into their clients business. It then becomes more than just “pushing a product” but by default creates a new level of communication where the seller is able to talk in depth with his prospective client around business strategies. A sales person who clearly understands his clients business model will instil confidence in the buyer and is more likely to lead to an on-going business relationship.

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