The rising popularity of the sport of motocross has paved the way for numerous brands to come up with apparel for the racing track. Not only are these brands manufacturing motocross clothing that is comfortable, protective and durable, the emphasis is also on the style quotient that these clothes lend to the rider.

Among the top brands producing motocross clothing is Fox Head. Based at Morgan Hill, CA, the company has been manufacturing motocross clothing since 1974. It was brought into existence when Geoff Fox, a Physics lecturer at the University of Santa Clara, started a company called Moto-X Fox. This was a small-scale distribution set-up for motocross parts and accessories for the Europeans. This set-up was created out of a tiny office building in Campbell, California. However, it took two years for the company to expand immensely and start producing high-end motorcycle components for professional races. Moto-X Fox even formed its own team of motocross riders, which performed quite well at motocross events, at fifth, sixth or seventh positions.

The next step for the Fox brand was the success in the realm of motocross clothing. Their clothes, worn by their own team’s riders, became an instant success. The team colours then were bright yellow, orange and red. This Fox motocross clothing was quite a rage among both motorcyclists and fans. This led to the gargantuan rise in demand for Fox motocross clothing among racing professionals and motorcycling enthusiasts across the United States. The brand was soon among the top in apparel. Geoff Fox had landed up creating a brand that produced the best motocross clothing in the industry, a goal that he had set at the initiation of the company’s journey.

The gradual success of Fox motocross clothing led to the brand becoming a global leader in lifestyle clothing for the youth. The popular Fox Head logo went on to become a recognizable symbol of style all across the world. In fact, Fox motocross clothing is associated with a trendy, sporty and cool sense of dressing even outside the motorcycling fraternity.

Fox motocross clothing comprises stylish motorcycling suits, helmets and boots. Among the roaring successes are the Fox Racing 180 pants. These are pants contain stretch material at the certain areas for added flexibility. This material also allows for easier movement of the rider’s limbs. Motocross clothing that is uncomfortable can cause the rider to concentrate less on the race and more on his or her discomfort. The Fox pants are made of leather that is resistant to heat and abrasion. While these pants fit well, they also offer protection to the rider and thereby, form the perfect motocross clothing for any racing event.

Another useful, yet lesser know product of Fox motocross clothing is the racing dirtpaw men’s motocross motorcycle glove. Ideal for rough and dirt-ridden tracks, they provide the rider the perfect grip during the toughest of rides. Together with the rest of the Fox motocross clothing these gloves form the adequate gear that a motocross rider requires to acquire that winning edge in a race.

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