By Dr. Kathleen Albertson, L. Ac.
Licensed Acupuncturist, Herbalist
PhD, Holistic Nutrition

Did you know that fatigue slowly expresses itself–creeping into every bone in your body? Did you know that it crawls deeper and deeper deteriorating all of your key organ systems? Fatigue has an uncanny way of starting out as an occasional situation that we assume will go away. Often, it doesn’t. We do not slow down and get the rest we need---we merely push ourselves harder. At what expense? What damage does this cause?

The progression of fatigue has a domino effect creating more symptoms. This makes you more imbalanced and diseased. Here are some warning signs. If you have these issues, please address them. These symptoms can be reversed using TCM (traditional Chinese medicine which includes acupuncture and herbal medicine).

1. Muscle aches and pain-Neck, shoulder, low back pains are signs that the body is tired. This turns into spasms, headaches, or inflammation which makes you irritable. Your good energy is going to waste. It is being used up if the body is trying to re-balance or adjust to this constant tension, Seek treatment for these little annoyances before they fester, resulting in larger health problems.

Acupuncture s very effective for promoting blood flow to the muscles, nerves and ligaments keeping them supple and flexible. It reduces physical and emotional stress, and infuses your immune system. Acupuncture increases blood flow so you feel fresh, alert, and sharp. If you have trouble sleeping, acupuncture and herbs also treat insomnia.

2. Digestive distress: Fatigue progresses and upsets your digestive function.
Do you experience acid reflux, constipation or diarrhea due to stress or fatigue?

Stage two means that your body has weakened, affecting more organs systems. Good digestion is necessary to transmute food into nutrition. If your stomach and small intestine are not functioning well, malabsorbtion occurs. Your nutrients are not being used to support and strengthen your system. This causes your disorder to go deeper into your body.

3. Pelvic, reproductive, or urinary dysfunctions follow as stage three. Fatigue continues to stress the deeper organs. Men and women alike may experience reproductive or fertility disorders. The normal menstrual cycle, urinary flow, incontinence, infections or kidney stones can originate from fatigue. Most patients don’t see the connection with this, and stage one or two. TCM correlates the imbalances of Qi (energy, vitality) with the progression of disease. These can be reversed with TCM treatment of the root cause. Medications often mask the symptoms rather than restore you. Medications also become problematic for the body to assimilate safely. Herbs may be a more natural way to approach health.

4. Cardiac stress: Stage four can includes anxiety, palpitations, brain fog, depression, or chronic insomnia, to more severe problems including, chest pressure or cardiac arrest. Fatigue is a silent killer and left untreated causes unnecessary physical and emotional stress. This combination is responsible for much of the chronic illness we see today. Poor nutrition and excessive lifestyles, added to this mix, are a recipe for a broad spectrum of disease. Disease that can be avoided.

Proper attention to how your body feels is the first step in keeping healthy. Those little aches and pains are stage one warning lights that you should act on. Your first wealth is your health. If you take better care of yourself you can take better care of your family and enjoy the quality of life you so deserve.

TCM helps resolve fatigue, regarding of the stage you are experiencing. Don’t wait.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Albertson has been in private practice for over 15 years. She is a gentle and caring practitioner of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in Irvine, CA.
She holds a PhD in Holistic Nutrition and is the author of "Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine for Women's Health: Bridging the Gap Between Western and Easetrn Medicine."
Available for consultation, interviews or speaking engagements.