Imagine this. It’s Tuesday, you are riding the elevator up to the fifth floor of your office. The elevator stops on the second floor and your CEO hops on. “Hi,” they say. “What do you do?” You have three floors to nail what to say and no idea where to begin - what do you do?
Maybe this exact scenario hasn’t happened to you before. We have all had moments with potential clients, executives or someone we were networking with to tell them who we are and what we do - the elevator pitch. Designed to be an introduction tool, your elevator pitch should be a concise, engaging way to tell someone who you are or what you do. Often, we get intimidated with the idea of trying to wrap all we are into a short speech. Elevator pitches can be the perfect target to being able to reach someone for an idea, partnership or becoming a client.

Read the blog "The Four Best Practices for Creating the Perfect Elevator Pitch" for you to nail at any opportunity.

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