As some of you may already know the flex belt uses ems technology to stimulate your abdominal muscles. It stimulates the nerves that branch of across your whole stomach allowing every abdominal muscle to contract creating the PERFECT CRUNCH! Now does that mean the flex belt works or everyone? Is there any dangers behind the flex belt? what kind of results are people seeing? and most importantly where to buy it at the best price without getting scammed!

The flex belt is a great product for most. You will need some patience with it though as it can be quite uncomfortable at the higher settings. The settings can range anywhere from 0-150. If you think your the tough guy go right ahead and jump into the high settings but i would not recommend that kind of behavior. Try to build your way up slowly and you will have some success with it. With the ems muscle stimulation technology it has been around for years and has been proven to work. The flex belt has done some research and refined the technology to work in a smaller scale and as a great work out product. They have actually recently released new products meant to target your arms and legs. They are always trying to innovate new ems products to use! As for dangers with the flex belt, there really aren't any. If anything it helps you from injuring your back due to weak ab muscles or even just from doing sit ups. If any ab crunch or sit up is done incorrectly you will find some pressure in your lower back which could lead to back pain in your later years. The flex belt helps limit any extra pressure put on your back! As for where to buy the flex belt, the best place to purchase it is from the direct supplier. There are some smaller sites out there saying you can buy from them but some of them are just scams so watch out! The flex belt supplier not only has the best deals on but they always have some kind of special offer set up as well. For instance right now they are selling the flex belt with a meal guide valued at 50$ and also a one year subscription to one of 3 magazines that is also valued at 50$. That's a pretty good deal you get the flex belt plus a free $100 special offer!! Oh and of course the supplier is the only place to have the full 60 Day money back guarantee! Now that's not to say that its the only place to buy it but just be careful when purchasing it from some second rate store! DO YOUR RESEARCH!

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