Whether you’re visiting a dispensary or ordering from a 
cannabis delivery app, Los Angeles is the best city in America for cannabis connoisseurs. The largest city in the most populous legal-weed state in the union, LA is on the bleeding edge of pot culture. 

And there’s no shortage of great dispensaries if you happen to be in LA - meaning when it’s time to stock up on cartridges and vape gear, you couldn’t ask for a bigger treasure trove.

Here are the five best cannabis oil cartridges you can find in LA dispensaries, or get delivered to your door by a fantastic cannabis delivery service like 

Raw Garden 
Ukiah Hybrid. This indica-balanced hybrid strain takes its name from the famed northern California city of Ukiah - the county seat of Mendocino County, one of the Golden State’s meccas of weed culture. With a piney, earthy flavor reminiscent of its namesake region, this strain will make you feel like a mighty redwood, with your feet firmly rooted to the ground and your head in the clouds. Provides relaxation and relief for the body by relaxing the muscles and soothing the joints, and for the mind by easing stress and anxiety. Ukiah is aromatic, flavorful and leaves you tingling from head to toe.

Bloom Farms 
Sherbet Hybrid. Sherbet is loaded with a liquid cannabis concentrate that contains high levels of terpenes, thus providing a strong flavor and powerful aroma - so get your tastebuds ready. In this case, that flavor is sweet and creamy, with an edge that manages to be minty and fruity at the same time. A potent indica-dominant hybrid (which was invented in San Francisco by accident), Sherbet provides a lightning bolt of brain power combined with an unparalleled sense of physical relaxation. A great comfort in times of stress, Sherbet can chase away bad moods and snappy tension and leaves you with a strong chill vibe.

Blue Dream Sativa. It’s called Blue Dream in part because of its hazy blueberry flavor and aroma, but “blue” is only half the name - the “dream” comes in when the full-body relaxation hits you, relieving your depression, anxiety, stress and worries. But don’t worry - Blue Dream won’t render you fused to your couch.

Holy Grail Hybrid. Described as such because of its perfect balance between the cheerful euphoria of sativa and the cool relaxation of indica, Holy Grail is a relatively new strain. Here’s how good it is: It was the first strain to get a perfect score in High Times magazine’s Cannabis Cup, the premier award in the weed community. A potent blend both high-wise and taste-wise, Holy Grail has a uniquely complex flavor that has citrus, skunk and about ten other notes you may or may not be able to identify. The effects of Holy Grail come on quickly, offering focus and creativity. It’s a good strain for intermediate-level users, since it’s a more potent strain but not so potent that it’ll fry your brain.

Pax Pod By Bloom Farms 
GDP Indica. This is a really good one. Imagine a strain that provides a holistic sense of chill to your body and mind, easing your physical tensions while opening your brain to the infinite possibilities of your creative intellect. GDP - which stands for Granddaddy Purple, not Gross Domestic Product - lives up to its reputation as an indica. That means you may want to block off a few hours of sofa time before sparking this one. It’s perfect, as you might imagine, for treating insomnia and anxiety, but also works to combat pain, appetite loss, and muscle spasms. 

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