Let’s let the elephant stay in the room today since it’s ‘Elephant Appreciation Day,’ especially after reading what Feng Shui has to say about this prosperity attracting pachyderm. According to this philosophy, the elephant is considered a precious animal that symbolizes fertility, strength and wealth. Oriental traditions regard the elephant as one of the four animals of power, alongside the tiger, leopard and lion. It’s also one of the seven precious treasures of Buddhism, and is considered a most valuable creature. Hindu mythology says that the world is supported on the back of an elephant standing on a tortoise. In Feng Shui, the elephant is the bearer of the ‘wish fulfilling gem’ and is believed to bring great fortunes and good luck when positioned properly inside your living space. Placing a statue or a pair of elephants at the front door, facing as if they’re walking into your house, is said to bring good luck, strength and prosperity to the household. These elephants a re often referred to as ‘the elephants of many blessings.’ An elephant or two placed in the bedroom promotes love and faithfulness and symbolizes the bonding between a mother and her children. For this reason an elephant statue is also considered a strong symbol of fertility, especially when placed at the foot of the bedroom door with a stone or crystal placed upon its back. Using elephant symbols to attract scholastic success is another adviso from this pantheon, so place one of these statues wherever a student does their homework to ensure straight A’s. As you can see, elephants enjoy quite the reputation in Feng Shui, so you might want to reconsider the purple one you saw last night and let him hang around a bit longer.

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Ellen Whitehurst is a Lifestylist and Ultimate Health and Wellness expert as well as the author of the bestselling MAKE THIS YOUR LUCKY DAY (Random House, 2008.) Ellen is recognized as the country’s premier expert in Feng Shui and other empowering modalities. A former monthly columnist for both ‘Redbook’ and ‘Seventeen’ magazines, Ellen is also a recurrent contributor to The Huffington Post and John Edward’s InfiniteQuest.com among others.

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