When your pregnancy is not what you expect and there's a chance that the it can endanger the life of someone, then it sometimes call for an abortion. There are some women who might be scared of the process of abortion. Abotion comes in one type is what many believe. There are several types of abortion processes and this should be known to all women and men for them to be enlightened about the entire process.

The process of ending a pregnancy is known as abortion. Even in the womb, the fetus' life is ended. Some might do it intentionally but for some, they are left with no choice. The debate of the legality of abortion has been there for a long time already. Abortion was made legal in 1973 not only the US but also in other countries as well.

Abortion Procedures: Types

1. The kind of procedure that is done during the eighth to ninth weeks is called Suction Abortion. During this time the baby has its eye and can do some movements inside. There are chances that the procedure may not be successful and some parts may remain so a full dilatation process is needed.

2. The process is similar to suction abortion but the difference is that a knife-like insertion called a curette is placed, this is called Dilatation and Curettage. The curette cuts the baby into pieces. An the pieces of the baby will be scraped out of the body.

3. Saline Injection - This is usually done during the 18th week of gestation. A long needle will be injected into the mothers stomach part with this procedure. The saline injection will poison the baby and it will eventually die. After 24 hours, the mother will deliver her lifeless fetus.

4. When it comes to Hysterotomy or Caesarean, this is usually performed during the last three months of the pregnancy. The woman will undergo an abdomen operation and the baby will be taken out of the mothers womb. This process is similar to caesarean operation but the difference is that the umbilical cord is cut even when the baby is still inside the womb.

Going through some tough time will be eased when the woman will know the details of abortion. Talk to a health professional about the process that you are going to undergo. It is important to make sure that the procedure is safe and that you are in the hands of professionals. Choose the right one out of the many mushrooming clinics.

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