Many banzhang teas appear in the tea market today. Are these banzhang teas old? What is the difference between banzhang teas and old banzhang teas? It is estimated that some tea friends who have just been exposed to Puerh tea , Hearing these two nouns will be a little dazed, after all, these two are called Banzhang. but it is not the truth.

   The so-called Ban Zhang refers to the Ban Zhang Village Committee. This village committee is located in the northeast of Bulang mountain Township, 20 kilometers away from the government of Bulang mountain Township. There are 5 natural villages under the jurisdiction of Banzhang Village Committee: Old Banzhang, New Banzhang, Lao Man'e, Bakkan, Bakarong . Among these five natural villages, the ancient tree tea produced by the five natural villages of Lao Banzhang, Lao Man'e and Xin Banzhang is the most, and the most famous one is actually Lao Banzhang. Lao Banzhang tea is considered to be the king of Puerh tea because of its unique flavor and taste. Anyone who has the word "Banzhang" on the market will definitely get a higher price. This is why some people want to confuse the Laobanzhang with Banzhang.

If you want to buy the old banzhang, tea friends must figure out two points, which are also the characteristics of the old banchang. First, can I buy the authentic old banchang cheaply? Second, the so-called banzhang tea refers to the Puerh tea produced in the five natural villages of the banchang storage committee, and the old banzhang is named The special tea produced in the natural village of Lao Banzhang.
If you think the price of the old banzhang is too expensive, you can actually drink other teas from the village committee of the same banzhang, that is, the old man'e and the new banzhang. The taste of these two teas is very similar to the taste of Lao Banzhang, but the price is acceptable to the public.

So, what are the similarities between the characteristics of these two types of tea and Lao Banzhang? First of all, Lao Man'e, its tea strips show black and bright characteristics, and some are thick and long, the buds are also very large, and the tea taste is very Heavy, bitterness is very strong, tea quality is also good, and the soup is full and the mountain flavor is strong. After drinking. You will feel a very good lubricity in your mouth and it will last forever.
The characteristic of Xinbanzhang ancient tree tea is that it has rich blue fragrance and high purity. And the tea soup is golden and bright, very beautiful. The tea soup is also sweet at the entrance, and has a bitter taste, but it will slowly fade away immediately, and it will be perfect and lasting. When brewing Xinbanzhang tea, you will find that the thickness of its tea soup color is stronger than other tea leaves, and the throat rhythm is comfortable and lasting, with a unique flavor characteristic of Xinbanzhang tea mountain.

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