At Ojas eye hospital in Mumbai, our eye specialists, understand, that a lot of patients, interchange the words ‘Cloudy vision’ and ‘Blurry vision’ when they cannot see things clearly. However, there is a difference between the two.
Since your eye specialist relies on the information of the experiences provided by you, it is vital for you to know the difference between the two, and accordingly describe it to your eye specialist.
Blurry Vision:
Remember using a single lens reflex camera? When it would be out of focus and one would have to focus it manually.
Blurry vision is the same experience you get, minus the camera.
The objects may appear blurry when you may be looking straight at them or when they sit to one side or the other of your peripheral vision.
You may experience Blurry vision:
If you have Retinopathy
If you have Cataract
Any Infection in the eye
If you are near-sighted, far-sighted or have astigmatism
If you have age related macular degeneration
If there is Corneal scarring
If you have any Injury or abrasion to the cornea
If you have Optic Neuritis
Cloudy Vision:
Cloudy vision makes you feel like you’re looking through fog or through a dirty window. It may give you an urge to blink and wipe off the film from your eyes. Apart from these, there may be a few more symptoms:
You may see a halo or glare around lights
You may experience light sensitivity which may make you uncomfortable on seeing fluorescent light, sunlight etc.
You may experience double vision
You may have a poor night vision
You may experience dry eyes or water eyes
Cloudy vision, may indicate:
An Inflammation or infection the eye
Macular Degeneration
Contact lenses that may be dirty or damaged
To halt any potential damage to the eye, it is important to undergo a comprehensive eye exam, if you experience cloudy vision or blurry vision, which persists or gets severe quickly.
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