We are living in a time when everything we have believed in or thought was normal, the way it should be or just how life was, is crumbling all around us. Every aspect of our world today is being affected by events beyond our personal control. The world we are in today seems vastly different than the world we were living in just a few short months ago, or does it?

What is happening to everything we have held on to is disappearing before our eyes. This world is no longer what we thought it was, and in fact what we thought was it no longer is. For some, this may be a rude awakening and something that is dammed uncomfortable. Yet for others, it is a long-awaited sign that we are finally moving into what we have known for decades as the dawn of a new age and world, and a different way of living and being.

If you happen to be reading this then you are most likely either ready to hear this or you feel aligned with what I am saying. Before anything new can emerge whether it be a person, a community, a society or a world, the old patterns and outdated ways of being must crumble and fall.

Some of you may already understand what the bigger picture has been as the Corona Virus drama has been being played out. Those that have been in control of our governments, money systems, political systems, health care systems, educational systems, and our spirituality and religious organizations are being blown apart, and the truth of who runs and owns them revealed.

The ugly truth is hard to take but nevertheless, it must be seen and heard. Our eyes must be opened so that we can rise above the programming that we have allowed ourselves to believe and begin to think once again for ourselves. Our trust has been betrayed and we have been led down a path of complacency. We have willingly abdicated our power to politicians, spiritual and religious leaders, movie stars, the rich and famous because we have not wanted to take responsibility for the world we wish to live in.

These people that we gave our power to have held most of the power and wealth on the planet for centuries. They have colluded with each other to withhold important and valuable information that could benefit all of humankind and are still doing their best to hold on to this power. no matter what the cost even though they know they have lost this fight.

It is time for each of us to make a clear choice as to where we wish to give our allegiance. We have come to the crossroads of humanity. Which way will you go? Do you wish to continue to give your power away to an authority that has already betrayed you and to continue to believe the propaganda that you read or hear on the news? Or do you wish to join the thousands of others who are waking up to their True Authentic Power and relying on their direct connection to the Source of their own being to begin to create a world that is based on love, not fear, power from within not power over, a world of our own making? The decision is up to each of us which will you choose?

Author's Bio: 

Luminessa Enjara is an Ordained Minister and Priestess, Akashic
Record Consultant, Spiritual Life Coach, Tantra Coach, Sex Educator, Healing from Trauma and a Certified Shamanic Guide. She has been a teacher of metaphysical principles, meditation techniques, and conscious living for over 35 years. Luminessa is the Co-Founder of The Somatic Integrative Healing Institute, and Founder/Director of The New Feminine Mystique and Sasse Girls. She is also a published writer of hundreds of articles and author of two books.