After about thirty years of endeavoring to be a successful entrepreneur, it has finally come to my understanding that in order for me or you to become successful in any business or any worthwhile endeavor, that the Mind plays not only an important role in our success, but it literally establishes the kind of outcomes we will have in what ever we attempt to do in life.

It never ceases to amaze me how some people spend all of their precious time filling their mind with information that has little value to provide fuel for their engine, that will drive them to their true level of greatness, and their original desires.

I know for a fact that The Almighty God created each of us with greatness inside of us. That greatness which is in us reminds me of the Diamond in the rough when it is discovered in the earth. It does not appear beautiful in the rough, and has to be polished and cut to uncover it's beauty and value. While the diamond is in the rough, one cannot see it's power and beauty, but once the rough edges are removed and shaped and polished, behold it's beauty, value and power is revealed.

We of the human race are similar to the diamond in the rough. Each of us is a "gem" to be discovered. However, for that "gem" that is inside of us "in the rough" has to be polished and shaped by us so that the beauty, value and power in us will be revealed.

The Mind is critically important to be fed the kind of information and thoughts that will begin to shape and polish the diamond that we are. This process of polishing and shaping does not happen over night, it usually takes some period of time. The time factor is different for each of us because it depends on how fast we feed the vital information that the diamond, the gem, the real you on the inside needs, so that it's ultimate brilliance will be revealed.

Change has to take place for the diamond's beauty to be revealed. The right information fed to the MInd and acted upon by the possessor of that Mind, only then will change begin to take place.

Only then, will what was in the rough, begin to give glimpses of the beauty within, and outside of us.

I firmly believe that the reason so many people fail in their attempts to build a successful business on the Internet is because like me some years ago, did not understand that there has to first be a change in your thinking, which causes thought patterns to change, and for your actions to change, to bring about the changed outcomes you have been seeking.

Once the right kind of new information is presented to the mind, the conscious mind feeds those words to the subconscious mind, and new habits will begin to form. The new habits will be the result of the new information that provided the impetus for mind change that causes the body to change for the better, and for the thinking patterns to change, and therefore, the diamond inside is being processed, polished, refined, shaped, and before you know it, the circumstances in your life begin to look just like the good information the Mind has been receiving, and you the Diamond, is now giving off a brilliance that can't be denied. Trust me, you will find this to be true.

The company I'm with, it's leadership seriously advises all Affiliates to read positive thinking books and materials everyday, including themselves. That consistent feeding of good information into your conscious mind will eventually transfer that information to your subconscious mind, and change will begin to manifest in your inner and outer world! Wow! In time, money will flow to you instead of your having to try and kill yourself working hard to get money to come into your bank account, in large amounts.

We know that what I'm saying works, because we are seeing Newbies who have been reading and listening to good information about success, are now earning 5 figures and more per month. Before Empower Network, they were not making any money at all!

Also, the more seasoned Affiliates are generating 6 and 7 figures, whereas, before Empower Network, they were making money, but not at the level they are earning money today.!

We have a " Marketing System" which accounts for much of the success of our Affiliates, but the good information that each of them is feeding into their minds, makes the job of generating huge incomes, a joy and a pleasure, and much easier without having to work over a couple of hours per day!

Leave a comment or two below in the comment box, sharing your thoughts about what I've said about the mind and it's importance in yours and my success, ok?

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John G. Seay Is A Graduate Of Saint Louis University With A B.S.Degree In Biology, And A M.B.A. Degree In Accounting & Finance. John Is An Affiliate Marketer With Empower Network Helping People Get Rid Of Their Pains And Frustrations In Their Efforts To Build A Successful Business On The Internet, And Offline. Want 100% Affiliate Commissions & Get Paid Today? Join Here>> -- My Blog: http://WhoIsJohnSeay.Com